Sealite SLB1500 - 1500mm dia. Navigation Buoy

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Sealite SLB1500 - 1500mm dia. Navigation Buoy

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Sealite’s SLB1500 is an extremely robust, high visibility 1500mm dia. navigation buoy perfect for a variety of installations including inland waterways, harbour and coastal navaids.

The SLB1500 has a one-piece, rotationally-moulded float section which incorporates an internal stainless steel brace that is linked between the lifting and mooring eyes. This brace ensures even stresses across the buoy during lifting, creating an incredibly robust AtoN with a service life of up to 20 years.

The top section of the buoy is also rotationally-moulded from UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene, and can be fitted with top marks and lantern to suit any IALA recommended buoy configuration required. The buoy has direct lantern attachment points for a variety of Sealite solar lights.

Polyethylene buoys require minimal maintenance; they never have to be painted, and the polyethylene inhibits marine growth therefore increasing the interval between servicing. The lightweight but strong polyethylene also means routine maintenance may be performed onsite.

The SLB1500 is environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

The SLB1500 can be economically shipped around the globe, with approximately 6pcs and 13pcs being packed in 20ft and 40ft shipping containers respectively.

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Features of the Sealite SLB1500

  • Made from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene
  • Stainless steel mooring bush with replaceable inserts
  • Internal bracing ensures even lifting stresses
  • Rotationally-moulded to 12mm (float section) & 7mm (top section) wall thickness
  • Non-slip deck
  • Optional top marks & lights available

Advantages of the Sealite SLB1500

  • Single piece float
  • Complete unit- ready for immediate installation
  • High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA Recommendations
  • 316-grade moulded-in tie bar provides outstanding lifting strength
  • Excellent buoyancy & stability
  • Environmentally friendly & recyclable

Options Available for the Sealite SLB1500

Mould-In Graphics
Sealite IALA Recommended Top Marks
Radar Reflector
General Characteristics - Buoys
Available Colours Red, Green, White, Yellow as per IALA Recommendations
Focal Plane Height (mm/inches) 1960 / 77 1/8
Total Float Volume (L/US gal) 1120 / 296
Nominal Freeboard (mm/inches) 460 / 18 1/8
Reserve Buoyancy (kg/lb) 280 / 617
Maximum Mooring Load (kg/lb) 280 / 617
Maximum Draft (mm/inches) 605 / 23 3/4
Minimum Freeboard (mm/inches) 300 / 11 3/4
Safe Working Load, 1 point (kg/lb) 2300 / 5070
Submergence (kg/cm, lb/inch) 18.2 / 101.9
Physical Characteristics - Buoys
Material Rotationally-moulded UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene. Internal 316-grade stainless steel bracing
Wall Thickness (mm/inch) 12 / 1/2 (float section). 7 / 1/4 (top section)
Filling Closed-cell polyurethane foam (float section)
Ballast (kg/lb) 70 / 154
Height (mm/inch) 3500 / 137 3/4
Width (mm/inch) 1500 / 59 1/8
Mass (kg/lb) 220 / 485
Life Expectancy >20 years
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
Intellectual Property
Trademarks SEALITE® is a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty 5 years


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