Chart Updating

We stock a worldwide selection of chart coverage and are dedicated to keeping your vessel safe and compliant at all times.

All of our cartographers have received training from the UKHO. In a recent audit we were complimented on our high standards and received a top rating of all US chart agents. (See UKHO Audit below) British Admiralty charts are hand-corrected daily and are up-to-date with the latest weekly Notice to Mariners. OceanGrafix charts are printed on site as needed and contain all of the latest corrections.

Customers may also purchase the relevant British Admiralty, Canadian Hydrographic, U.S. and Japanese Notices to Mariners as needed.

UKHO Audit

In April of 2010 our cartographers visited Houston, TX for Chart Updating Courses given by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

They spent the week improving their chart updating skills and learning new techniques. After the trip we were audited on our performance, see the letter below on how we ranked:

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