Ritchie & C. Plath Authorized Service Stations

Compass Repair Compass Repair


!. Overhaul of Magnetic Compasses

2. Replacement Parts: Dome, Gaskets, Jewel & Pivot, Fluid and Lighting System

3. Restoration.


Step 1: Contact our office with the problems that are occurring and we will advise what measures to take.

Tel: 800-596-7245 Email: [email protected]

Step 2: Ship your compass to us. Ensure that the compass is properly packaged with packing material (bubble wrap) and a sturdy box. Include a note with your contact information and the problem you are having.

Step 3: Be sure that the box is marked FRAGILE and UP ARROWS.

Ship to: Maryland Nautical Sales

Attn: Compass Repair

1400 E. Clement St.

Baltimore MD 21230

Drop Off: Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 6:00

Sat. 9:00 - 1:00


*** Estimates are FREE. Should you decide not to have your compass repaired you will have to pay for return shipping.

*** Warranty: 1 year Guarantee


All compasses are subject to heading deviation over time and use resulting in an incorrect heading. For reliable navigation a routine calibration check is essential. Any compass that has not been calibrated for 24 months, has had equipment change, is subject to temperature change or is store for a season needs to have calibration performed. A Gyro Calibration System is required to achieve a true magnetic heading for our safety. The calibration can be done in any type of weather. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

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