Setting a Course for Health


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Number of Pages: 220
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ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-077-3 (9781856090773)
ISBN 10: 1-85609-077-9 (1856090779)
Published Date: December 1994
Binding Format: Paperback

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Setting a Course for Health

This guide to improving health and fitness on board ship is divided into two parts. Part one concentrates on your current state of health, including simple questionnaires for self-assessment, and gives basic information about potential risks to health. Part two suggests ways of leading a healthier life on board ship, presenting various health and exercise programmes.

Part One - How Healthy are You?
Basic Profile
Section 1 Eating
Check Your Weight
What Do You Eat?
Food and Your Heart
Timing and Attitude
Section 2 Physical Fitness
How Active are You?
Good Reasons to be Active
Stamina, Strength and Suppleness
Frequency Test
Section 3 Smoking
Smoker’s Diary
What Kind of Smoker are You?
Your Reasons for Stopping
Do You Know the Risks?
How Much Smoking Costs You
Section 4 Alcohol
Measuring Your Drinks
Drinking Diary
Sensible Limits
Some Risks for Heavy Drinkers
How Much Do You Know About Alcohol?
What You will Gain from Drinking Less
Section 5 Stress
Stress on Board
Some Symptoms of Stress
Are You Stressed?
Some Causes of Stress
How Your Body Reacts to Stress
Health Problems Which May Result from Stress
Stress Can be Positive
Part Two - Getting Healthier
Section 1 Eating
How to Enjoy Your Food and Eat Sensibly on Board Ship
Cutting Down the Fat
Replacing the Fat
Counting the Calories
Healthy Snacking
Section 2 Physical Fitness
Getting Fit - on Board and in Port
Activities to Choose from
Getting Active Planner - the First 7 Days
Exercises You can do on Board for Suppleness, Strength and Stamina
Check Your Progress
Section 3 Smoking
Four Stages of Stopping
Staying Stopped
The Benefits of Stopping
Section 4 Alcohol
Alcohol and Work
Alcohol and Time off - Afloat
Alcohol and Time-off - Ashore
Personal Drinking Rules
Section 5 Stress
Stress and Seafaring - Some Simple Ways to Cope
Relaxation Exercises
Section 6 Reducing Your Key Health Risks
Seafaring and Risk
Reducing Your Risk of Catching Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Reducing Your Risk of Cancer
Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease
Ten Points to Take Control of Your Health


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