Ship Stability Mates/Masters (Book)


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Published: 1 Edition, 2003
No. Pages: 408
Format: Softback
Number of Pages: 420
ISBN 13: 978-0-9534379-3-1 (9780953437931)
ISBN 10: 0-9534379-3-0 (0953437930)
Published Date: December 2003
Binding Format: Paperback Book
Height: 250 mm 

***Discontinued and replaced by: Ship Stability Strength and Loading Principles, 2nd Edition 2020 (WISS-SALP)

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Ship Stability Mates/Masters by Martin Rhodes (BSC. Hons)

Based on the syllabus for Ship Stability for the STCW 95 Chief Mate/Master Reg II/2 (Unlimited). As opposed to sheets of hydrostatic data, a full set of IMO compliant stability data is supplied in a 60pp pocket book which is used for all exercises. This book aims to be the leading work on Ship Stability.

Written by Martin Rhodes (BSC. Hons) who lectured in Ship Stability at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies between 1997-2005. Martin now a course leader at the nautical college in Trinidad & Tobago.

1. Basic Principles
2. Form Coefficients
3. Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion
4. Introduction to Load Lines
5. Centre of Gravity (G) and Centre of Buoyancy (B)
6. Introduction to Transverse Statical Stability
7. Conditions of Stability
8. Initial Transverse Metacentre
9. Free Surface Effect
10. Curves of Statical Stability (GZ Curves)
11. List
12. Introduction to Trim
13. Suspended Weights
14. Assessing Compliance of a Ship's Loaded Condition with IMO Criteria
15. Curves of Statical Stability for Varying Conditions of Stability
16. The Wall Sided Formula
17. Factors Affecting GZ Curve Shape
18. The International Grain Code (IMO)
19. Inclining Experiment
20. Trim Using Hydrostatic Data
21. Dry Docking
22. Bilging
23. Angle of Heel due to Turning
24. Wind Heeling, Ice Accretion and Rolling
25. Stability Problems Associated with Specific Ship Types
26. Calculation and Assignment of Freeboard
27. Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Ships
28. Practical Ship Loading Problems


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