Ship to Ship Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, 2nd Ed., 2020


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Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 120
Product Code: IT103663
ISBN: 978-1-85609-938-7
Published Date: November 2020
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Author: Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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Ship to Ship Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, 2nd Ed., 2020

This Guide provides STS service providers with the essential elements of a good safety and environmental management system to cover STS operations.

It gives additional guidance on all these elements, including industry guidance (e.g. ‘Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum)’ published jointly by ICS and OCIMF) that can be considered to represent current best practice. The content will support STS service providers to identify practical measures to improve their management systems, where appropriate.

Before subscribing to the services of STS service providers, oil companies will assess and review the safe management and operation of the STS transfers conducted by that provider.

Self assessment can be used by STS service providers to verify that their safety management systems (SMSs) are comprehensive and sufficiently robust to minimise all potential safety and environmental risk in the execution of their operations and to measure and continuously improve their management systems.

An effective management system has the following basic attributes:

• Management identifies the company’s values and aspirations in policy documents
• Procedures are developed to meet the objectives of these policies
• Competent personnel are employed to implement the procedures
• Adequate training is provided
• Adequate resources (personnel, time and equipment) are assigned
• Plant and equipment is properly maintained
• Incidents and near misses are investigated to determine root causes so that effective corrective actions can be implemented
• There are systems to identify and analyse risk so that risk control measures can be identified, adequately resourced and targeted most effectively
• There is a system to manage change effectively
• The system is auditable and quantifiable indicators are used to measure the system’s effectiveness and trends
• There is a culture of continuous improvement.


Part One Guidance on the Self Assessment Process
1.1 Purpose and Scope
1.2 Introduction
1.3 Continuous Improvement
1.4 The Concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – a Typical Measurement Process
1.5 Self Assessment Process
1.6 Guidance for Assessing a Management System

Part Two The 12 Elements and Questionnaire for Self Assessment
Element 1 Management, Leadership and Accountability
Element 2 Recruitment and Management of Personnel
Element 3 Due Diligence Regarding Transhipment Locations
Element 4 Reliability and Maintenance Standards
Element 5 STS Operations
Element 6 Employment of Contractors and Subcontractors
Element 7 Management of Change
Element 8 Incident Investigation and Analysis
Element 9 Safety Management
Element 10 Environmental Management
Element 11 Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning
Element 12 Management System Review

Section 2 Examples of STS Service Provider Forms and Checklists

Part One STS Service Provider Particulars

Part Two STS Transfer Location Checklist

Part Three STS Transfer Operational Checklist
3.1 Checks Prior to the STS Operation
3.2 Checks Prior to Mooring/Cargo Operation
3.3 Checks During Cargo Operation
3.4 On Completion of Cargo Transfer and Prior to Unmooring


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