Sealite SL75 3-5nm+ Solar Marine Lantern w/ Bluetooth Connectivity


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Sealite SL75 3-5nm+ Solar Marine Lantern w/ Bluetooth Connectivity

The SL-75 is the most innovative, compact 3-5NM solar marine lantern available in the market today, and incorporates GPS synchronisation, GSM monitoring and Bluetooth® connectivity.

Designed and manufactured in-house, the innovative SL-75 lantern has advanced control features and is built from impact resistant polycarbonate with 3 mounting options. The SL-75 boasts dual high performance solar modules tilted for maximum sunlight capture, delivering up to 40% more solar collection than a horizontal solar module.
When the SL-75 is paired with the new SealitePro™ mobile application, users can configure and perform maintenance checks using a phone or tablet. With the touch of a button, a host of advanced features are available, including; the ability to provide a unique lantern name, setting of a security PIN, custom flash character, intensity calculation and hibernation mode. Once configured, the user can then verify the lantern's optimal performance from a specific location, via the exclusive in-built Sealite Solar Calculator. 
Once installed time savings for maintenance work are maximised as diagnostics can be interrogated via the mobile device. Risk to maintenance personnel is greatly reduced as many tasks can be performed from the safety of a vessel or without the need to climb structures.

  • Up to 5NM
  • Single LED Optic
  • Dual high performance solar panels for maximum sunlight capture
  • Bluetooth connectivity for programming and maintenance remotely via phone or tablet    
  • Improved productivity and reduce risk to personnel
  • Reliable year-round operating in low sunlight conditions  
  • Up to 310 flash codes including 256 IALA flash codes    
  • High capacity NiMH battery for ultra-long service life and wide temperature range
  • Standard 7.5 degree lens with the option of 5 degrees for fixed structures
  • GPS Synchronisation
  • GSM Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Standard 17Ah battery or optional 21Ah battery to suit low global locations and improve autonomy.


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