Sealite SL07 1-5nm+ LED Light Fixture

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Sealite SL07 1-5nm+ LED Light Fixture

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The SL07 is an LED Light Fixture designed to offer superior visibility and operate in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies.

With a variable range of 1 to 5nm+, a maintenance-free light source and 256 user adjustable flash codes, the SL07 series of LED lights is the preferred choice for buoy manufacturers seeking to fit a marine lantern to existing or independently designed power sources.

The SL07 is available in a number of configurations, colours and cable lengths and is the perfect replacement for obsolete incandescent lights.

The SL07 features the Sealite's Single LED Optic which boasts exceptional power to light output efficiency. The tough outer polycarbonate lens incorporates an environment-friendly spike – deterring unwelcome bird life. The lens design also ensures that vessel operators clearly see the light from above, when passing the AtoN.

The SL07 comes with standard rotary switches for convenient in-field changes of flash characters and intensity selection. In addition, the unit may be provided with an IR programmer for added functionality. Programmable features include; flash code adjustment, battery diagnostics and lux adjustment.

Optional GPS Synchronisation

For flash synchronisation of lanterns a GPS module may be fitted.

When lanterns flash in synchronisation they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting.

The following downloads are availableDownload
Product Specifications [ download 1.1 MB ]
Installation Manual [ download 4.7 MB ]

Features of the Sealite SL07

  • Single LED optic
  • Lens & base moulded from UV-stabilised LEXAN® polycarbonate
  • Automatic night activation
  • Bird deterrent spike
  • 1mt of cable provided for ease of installation

Advantages of the Sealite SL07

  • IR programmable
  • 1-5 nautical mile range
  • 256 user-adjustable flash characters & 4 adjustable intensity settings
  • Operates in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Full 3 year warranty
Light Characteristics
Light Source 1 LED
Available Flash Colors Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue
Maximum Available Intensity R- 121cd, G- 88cd, W- 176cd, Y- 95cd
Visible Range 1-5nm +
Horizontal Output 360 degrees
Vertical Divergence 9 degrees
Available Flash Characteristics Up to 256 IALA recommended (user adjustable)
Intensity Adjustments Adjustable in 25% increments
LED Life Expectancy >100,000 hours
Electrical Characteristics
Current Draw 120mA
Circuit Protection Integrated
Nominal Voltage 12v
Temperature Range -40 to 80°C
Physical Characteristics - Lights
Body Material LEXAN® Polycarbonate - UV-stabilised
Lens Material LEXAN® Polycarbonate - UV-stabilised
Lens Diameter (mm/inches) 98 / 3 7/8
Lens Design Single LED Optic
Mounting 4 x 6mm mounting holes
Height (mm/inches) 141 / 5 1/2
Width (mm/inches) 136 / 5 3/8
Mass (Kg/lbs) 0.4 / 7/8
CE EN61000-6-3:1997, EN61000-6-1:1997
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
Waterproof IP68
Intellectual Property
Trademarks SEALITE® is a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty Full 3 years


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