Sealite SL125 5-9nm+ LED Marine Lantern Series

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Sealite SL125 5-9nm+ LED Marine Lantern Series

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The SL125 LED marine lantern is maintenance-free and used by many of the world's busiest ports and largest militaries. The lantern is available with up to 4 tiers of 36 LEDs (144 LEDs in total), for complete flexibility to suit varying applications.

SL125 Technology

The SL125 is one of the most advanced LED marine lantern on the market. Utilising the latest software and microcircuitry developments, the lantern boasts a huge number of features including flash-memory and efficient power conversion.

The tough polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs, and also enables vessel operators to clearly see the light from above, when passing the AtoN.

Lantern Operation

The SL125 is ideal to fit on existing structures, or can be supplied as a complete unit with external solar modules and battery compartment.

The large industry standard base, and 1 metre of included cable allows the SL125 to be readily fitted to any 12 volt power supply.

Once installed, the SL125 requires no operator intervention. The flash characters are easily adjusted onsite by the user, and the lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk – once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

SL125 Technology Up to 4 tiers of 36 LEDs are available to increase the light intensity of the SL125 unit.

The SL125-2, SL125-3 and SL125-4 have 72, 108 and 144 LEDs respectively. Each LED tier utilises the Sealite Omnidirectional LED Reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918) to increase the intensity and uniformity of the horizontal output.

Multiple focal points on the lens then create superior divergence specifications to suit regulations worldwide.

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Features of the Sealite SL125

  • Available with up to 4 tiers of 36 LEDs to increase light intensity, & remote monitoring & control capabilities
  • LED lens & Sealite's 360º Omnidirectional LED Reflector - increasing the intensity & uniformity of the horizontal light output
  • Temperature control mechanisms to ensure maximum performance
  • 256 IALA flash patterns & 4 intensity settings, user-adjustable
  • Automatic night activation
  • Bird deterrent spike

Advantages of the Sealite SL125

  • Operates in conjunction with existing or purpose built power supplies
  • Installs in minutes and operates maintenance free
  • Vertical light emissions to maintain visibility when passing adjacent to light
  • Large industry standard 200mm OD base pattern for ease of installation
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Full 3 year warranty
Light Characteristics
Light Source SL125-1 (36 LEDs), SL125-2 (72 LEDs), SL125-3 (108 LEDs), SL125-4 (144 LEDs)
Available Flash Colors Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue
Maximum Available Intensity See downloadable PDF
Visible Range 5-9nm +
Horizontal Output 360 degrees
Vertical Divergence 9 deg (SL125-1, SL125-2, SL125-3). 5 deg (SL125-4)
Reflector Type Omnidirectional 360° LED Reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918)
Available Flash Characteristics Up to 256 IALA recommended (user adjustable)
Intensity Adjustments Adjustable in 25% increments
LED Life Expectancy >100,000 hours
Electrical Characteristics
Current Draw Refer to Sealite Power Calculator
Circuit Protection Integrated
Nominal Voltage 12v
Temperature Range -40 to 80°C
Physical Characteristics - Lights
Body Material LEXAN® Polycarbonate - UV-stabilised
Lens Material LEXAN® Polycarbonate - UV-stabilised
Lens Diameter (mm/inches) 150 / 5 7/8
Lens Design External optics with interior flute design
Mounting 3 & 4 hole bolt pattern on 200mm OD base
Height (mm/inches) See downloadable PDF
Width (mm/inches) 231 / 9 1/8
Mass (Kg/lbs) From 1.1 / 2 3/8
CE EN61000-6-3:2001. EN61000-6-1:2001. EN55022. EN61000-4-2:1995. EN61000-4-3:2002. USCG spec HSCG23-05-R-E43013 including change 1
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
Waterproof IP68
Intellectual Property
Patents US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918.
Trademarks SEALITE® is a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty Full 3 years

Additional Information about the Sealite SL125

Optional RF Synchronisation

The SL125 may be fitted with an optional RF Synchronisation module for short range flash synchronisation – ideal for marina entrances and aquaculture applications.

Optional GPS Synchronisation

For flash synchronisation of lanterns installed over longer ranges, a GPS module may be fitted.

When lanterns flash in synchronisation they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting – ideal for rivers and channel marking.

Optional GSM Monitoring & Control 
The SLC125 lantern series may also be fitted with GSM Remote Monitoring and Control capabilities – enabling users to access real-time diagnostics data and change lantern settings via cell-phone or PC interface.

Optional AIS Remote Monitoring 

AIS integration enables remote monitoring of the SL125 lantern as well as crucial message 21 information to be broadcast to mariners within the region.

Optional Radio Control System  
Radio Control may be fitted to SL125 series products enabling users to remotely modify the setup of their lantern via handheld radio controller.

For example, the operator can remotely change between different coloured LED banks (to change the colour of the light), turn their lights ON and OFF, or change the flash setting. Perfect for remote traffic control and to designate an area of activity.


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