Pub. 217 - Maneuvering Board Manual, 4th, 1984


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This publication is also Chapter 6 in Pub. 1310 (Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual).

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PUB. 217 Maneuvering Board Manual, 4th, 1984

CONTENTS: Preface Index Glossary Abbreviations Fundamentals of Relative Motion The Logarithmic Time-Speed-Distance Nomogram Radar and the International Rules of the Road (Excerpts from the Navigation Rules, International—Inland) Examples: Part One—Own Ship at Center Part Two—Guide at Center Pub. 217, Maneuvering Board Manual, is intended for use by both students and naval personal engaged in tactical maneuvers, show may require quick reference to specific relative motion problem solutions. This edition includes material previously issued and new material complied and submitted by various detachment; specifically ASW training' facilities, Atlantic and Pacific, and Naval Training facilities, Atlantic and Pacific. The excerpts from the Navigation Rules: International and Inland, have been updated to reflect recent revisions and corrections to the Navigation Rules as of Notice to Mariners # 28, 14 July 2001. Problem solutions and explanations have been clarified where deemed appropriate and space has been provided for the user's insertion of six examples according to his/her needs. PART ONE contains examples with own ship at the center as the reference point. PART TWO examples show the guide at the center, with the exception of the rotation problems which have the guide in and out of the center. ISBN:


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