Ballast Water Management: Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, 12th Edition, 2021


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Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: 12th
Number of Pages: 434
Product Code: IT104726
ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-914992-17-9
Published Date: November 2021
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 30 mm
Weight: 2.30 kg
Author: Nadeem Anwar

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Ballast Water Management, Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, 12th Edition, 2021



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PART ONE – Introduction and Background


CHAPTER ONE – The Issue in Recent Years

CHAPTER TWO – The Ship as a Carrier


PART TWO – Risk Management – Ballast Water Exchange is the First Measure


CHAPTER THREE – Ballast Water Exchange (BWE)


PART THREE – Regulations


CHAPTER FOUR – BWM Legislation Timeline

CHAPTER FIVE – IMO Guidance Documents on Ballasting

CHAPTER SIX – IMO Legislation

CHAPTER SEVEN – GloBallast 97

CHAPTER EIGHT – United States Legislation 103

CHAPTER NINE – Local and Regional BW Regulations


PART FOUR – Implementation of Regulations


CHAPTER TEN – The Financial Implications of BWM Legislation

CHAPTER ELEVEN – The Port State Authority

CHAPTER TWELVE – Ship Administration of BWM

CHAPTER THIRTEEN – Port States and Port State Control (PSC)

CHAPTER FOURTEEN – Ballast Water Sampling/Monitoring

CHAPTER FIFTEEN – Deposit and Exchange Facilities


PART FIVE – Treatment Systems and Operation


CHAPTER SIXTEEN – Introduction to Treatment Technologies

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN – Physical Separation, Thermal, Ultraviolet and Plasma Technologies

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – Deoxygenation, Magnetic and Ultrasonic/Cavitation Technologies

CHAPTER NINETEEN – Chemical, Biocide and Electrochemical Technologies


PART SIX – Components and Data Sheets


CHAPTER TWENTY – Filter Components used in the Assembly of a BWMS

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE – BW Systems with No Active Substances (G8)

CHAPTER TWENTY TWO – BW Systems using Active Substances (G9)

CHAPTER TWENTY THREE – Approval Status of Systems


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