Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures (2022 Consolidated Edition)


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Number of Pages: 300
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Author: TSCF
Publication Date: October 2021

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Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures (2022 Consolidated Edition)

This consolidated edition combines in one guidance manual the various sources of information necessary for assessing the condition of ballast and cargo tank structure of tankers in service.

1.1 Survey Requirements

1.2 Safety and Access

1.3 Ultrasonic Thickness Determination

1.4 Technical Background for Surveys

Chapter Two – Survey Execution Guidelines

2.1 Introduction

2.2 General Planning Requirements

2.3 Structural Aspects

2.4 Risk Categories

2.5 Classification Society Surveys/IACS Unified Requirements for Hull Surveys of Double Hull Oil Tankers

2.6 Owner’s Surveys

Chapter Three – Survey Data Analysis Guidelines

3.1 Method of Assessment

3.2 Structural Integrity

3.3 Acceptance Criteria

Chapter Four – Maintenance and Repair Guidelines

4.1 General

4.2 Type of Repair

4.3 Maintenance and Repair Methods

4.4 Optimum Maintenance and Repair Strategy

Appendix I Background to Forum Activities

Appendix II IACS Unified Requirements UR Z10.4

Appendix III IACS Rec No. 72: Confined Space Safe Practice

Appendix IV Catalogue of Structural Detail Failures

Appendix V In-Service Corrosion Rate Studies

Appendix VI Structural Inspection Guidelines

Appendix VII Assessment of Existing Surface Coating Systems

The Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum (TSCF) is an informal technical body whose membership is voluntary and comprised of Oil Companies, Independent Owners/Operators and Classification Societies who will actively contribute to the TSCF’S Mission.

The mission of the TSCF is to advance maritime safety through improvements in the design and maintenance of tanker structures. This is achieved by sharing technical knowledge and experience in order to gain a better understanding of the safety performance of tanker structures in service. Specific topic areas of interest include corrosion, structural defects, inspection procedures, and criteria for determining renewal of damaged or corroded structure.

The TSCF is committed to sharing accumulated experience on tanker structures with the marine industry. This is achieved through prompt public release of technical manuals and information papers, and proceedings of TSCF Shipbuilder’s Meetings.


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