Inspecting the Aging Sailboat


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CONTENTS: THE TOLERANCE OF FIBERGLASS FOR NEGLECT AND ABUSE IS LEGENDARY?AND AN ASTOUNDING NUMBER OF SAILBOATS BUILT IN THE LAST 35 YEARS ARE STILL AROUND. THERE ARE BARGAINS APLENTY?AND THE BEST ONE OF ALL, WITH SOME OVERDUE ATTENTION, JUST MIGHT BE BOAT YOU ALREADY OWN. Are those cracks in the gelcoat? Should the deck yield underfoot like that? Are those rivets in the toerail, and why are they loose? Why doesn't the head door close? Should there be rust on the keel bolts? What is that bulge in the hull? If any of these indicate real trouble, it is or could become your trouble. Here is all you'll need to learn where to look and what to look for. Whether you're shopping or prioritizing maintenance tasks, this book will save you money and perhaps even disaster. Author: Don Casey, Hardcover, Pages: 141, ISBN: 0-07-013394-8 ISBN: 9780071445450


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