World Cruising Routes, 9th Edition 2022


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Format: Flexicover
Pages: 620pp
ISBN-13: 9781916091030
Author: Jimmy Cornell
Supplier/Publisher: Cornell Sailing
Date Added: Feb 2022
Published Date: 2022

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World Cruising Routes, 9th Edition 2022

Described as the bible of cruising sailors, World Cruising Routes is the definitive reference book for long-distance navigators. This completely revised and updated edition has drawn on the latest weather information and other recent developments to provide the most comprehensive aid to planning a safe voyage to any part of the world. With over 1,000 sailing routes in all the oceans of the world, from the tropics to the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic, it contains essential information on winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather, as well as optimum times for individual passages. This edition has been fully updated to reflect the recent changes in global weather conditions. Geared specifically to the needs of offshore navigators, this ninth edition assesses the consequences of climate change on sailing routes and provides over 6,000 waypoints to facilitate the planning of individual passages. Much of the information contained in the book was gathered during the author’s three circumnavigations and voyages to Antarctica and the Northwest Passage. World Cruising Routes is the perfect one-stop reference for planning a voyage anywhere in the world. It is a companion volume to both World Voyage Planner, which offers invaluable planning strategies and advice on long-distance voyaging, and World Cruising Destinations, which gives practical information on all the maritime nations of the world, with details of their main cruising attractions, climate, formalities, marinas, repair facilities, charter operators, cruising guides and relevant websites Jimmy Cornell has influenced the contemporary cruising scene more than any other sailor. An accomplished sailor, public speaker and author, he has sailed over 200,000 miles in all oceans of the world, from Antarctica to the Arctic – including three circumnavigations – and has written some of the bestselling nautical books in the world, many of which have been translated into several languages. Thousands of sailors have fulfilled their dreams of blue-water cruising with the help of Jimmy’s books, or as participants in his rallies. The founder of the highly successful ARC transatlantic rally, he is credited with having devised the offshore cruising rally concept, and in the last three decades has organised 33 transatlantic rallies, five round-the-world rallies and a round-the-world race, together involving over 3,000 boats and 15,000 sailors. Regular updates on all Jimmy Cornell’s books and events are listed on his website:


Anyone planning an extended voyage will find a useful tool in the just-updated and re-released second edition of Cornell's Ocean Atlas, a book chock-full of pilot charts and tips for sailing the world's oceans.

The book is the handiwork o fauthor and circumnavigator, Jimmy Cornell and his son, Ivan, also a sailor and a computer scientist who developed a program to collect and process weather data from a number of sources, including NOAA satellite observations.

The Cornells published their first collection of pilot charts in 2012, bases on 20 years' worth of satellite data. Previously, pilot charts relied mostly on shipboard weather observations.

The new atlas includes 80 monthly pilot charts, showing wind speed and direction, currents, the extent of the intertropical Convergence Zone, common tracks of tropical storms and the mean location of high-pressure cells in each hemisphere. There are also 60 detailed charts of the most commonly sailed ocean routes. And the book has been reformatted to introduce monthly windgrams for those routes that summarize the information in each wind rose along the way.

While Lady Luck often determines if you'll be in the right place at the right time, Cornell's Ocean Atlas can help you avoid being in the wrong place in the wrong season - the goal of every sailor.

- Mark Pillsbury from Cruising World Magazine


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