Knight's Modern Seamanship, 18th Edition


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John V. Noel, Jr. (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-28948-7 (9780471289487)
800 page
December 1988

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Knight's Modern Seamanship, 18th Edition

Revised by John V. Noel, Jr., Captain, U.S. Navy [Ret.] Associate Editors: Commander Frank E. Bassett, U.S. Navy [Ret.] Dr. Carvel Blair and Prof. Dee Fitch Steer by this venerable guide to shiphandling and safety and you'll easily see why, since publication of the first edition 83 years ago, it has been the single-most trusted "beacon" for millions of pleasure boaters and professional seamen alike. Now in its eighteenth edition, Knight's Modern Seamanship continues the salty tradition of its predecessors. It supplies all the navigation techniques, safety laws and procedures, and maintenance practices you need to make each ocean-going trip safe and enjoyable. Typhoon up ahead? Knight's explains the effects of weather on ocean travel and spells out exactly what you have to do to avoid dangerous weather systems. What kind of communication equipment should you have on board? A new section on ship communications tells you how to select and operate modern communication devices. This eighteenth edition also provides you with new sections on channel marking, towing and salvage, and the maritime buoyage system.

Updated guidance is given on:

* the rules of the road--you get clear explanations of right of way, the use of radar to avoid collisions, and the law in fog; included is the complete text of the Inland Navigational Rules Act of 1980. Every vessel over 12 meters in length is required by law to have a copy of these rules on board.

* shiphandling--you'll find expert discussions on docking, mooring, and anchoring; helicopter operations; and ice seamanship

* ship and boat operation--you get concise explanations of ship structure and stability, propulsion and steering, ground tackle, and cargo handling and underway replenishment You'll even learn the art of knotting and splicing. Without a doubt, Knight's Modern Seamanship, Eighteenth Edition, is your foremost guide to mastering the lore of the sea. It is an indispensable reference source for pleasure boaters, merchant marine personnel, and anyone who needs expert seagoing advice.

Table of Contents:




Ship Structure, Stability, and Maintenance.

Propulsion and Steering.

Ground Tackle.

Cargo Handling and Underway Replenishment.

Ship Communications.



General Principles of Ship Control.

Docking, Mooring, and Anchoring--Handling with Tugs, Anchors, and Alongside.

Towing and Salvage.

Boat Handling and Helicopter Operations.

Ice Seamanship.


The Atmosphere and Its Circulation.

Clouds, Thunderstorms, Stability, and Fog.

Weather Elements, Instruments, and Reports.

Weather of the Middle Latitudes.

The Tropical Cyclone.


Ocean Pollution.


Introduction to the Rules of the Road.

Lights and Shapes.

Responsibilities Between Vessels--Right of Way.

Approach Situations Between Power-Driven Vessels in Sight.

Law in Fog and Restricted Visibility.

Radar for Collision Avoidance.

Maritime Buoyage System.


Author's Information:
Captain John V. Noel, Jr., United States Navy [Retired], has had a full and varied career at sea as a merchant marine sailor and commercial fisherman during school vacations, and in the Navy as a commanding officer of destroyers, a Fleet supply vessel, and a guided missile heavy cruiser. He has been the editor of Knight's Modern Seamanship for nearly thirty years and has written a number of reference books and texts for the U.S. Navy on shiphandling, naval terminology, watch standing, human relations, and modern management.


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