Dutton's Nautical Navigation 15th Edition


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Author: Thomas J. Cutler
ISBN 10: 1-55750-248-X (155750248X)
ISBN 13: 978-1-55750-248-3 (9781557502483) 

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Dutton's Nautical Navigation 15th Edition by Thomas J. Cutler

To meet the varied needs of today’s recreational, naval, and commercial navigations the Naval Institute Press has produced this new edition of a classic reference used by seafarers around the world for more than three-quarters of a century. As paper navigational charts were replaced by vector images on computer screens, magnetic compass enhanced by digital flux gate technology, and chronometers joined by atomic clocks, an extensive update became necessary, and the result is this unparalleled treatment of the art and science of nautical navigation. The first revision in more than a decade, it is written for both amateur and veteran navigators. Here the traditional navigation techniques first century to cover all phases of surface navigation. While the book continues to assist navigators using sextants, it also helps readers take full advantage of man-made Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. Valued as both an indispensable quick reference and a comprehensive text, Dutton’s makes accessible such difficult subjects as spherical trigonometry using step-by-step explanations and practical examples. To ensure accuracy and relevancy, a board of experts that included naval and coast guard officers, merchant mariners, harbor pilots, and sea service academy professors, among others, carefully reviewed all revisions.


  Preface vii   21 Identification of Celestial Bodies 215
  U.S. Naval Institute Navigation Board xi   22 The Sextant 233
1 Introduction to Navigation 1   23 Time 258
2 The Navigational Earth 9   24 Ephemeral Data 274
3 Nautical Charts 18   25 Sight Reduction 301
4 Electronic Charts 41   26 Celestial Lines of Position 319
5 Navigational Publications 48   27 The Complete Celestial Solution 329
6 Aids to Navigation 55   28 Latitude and Longitude Observations 342
7 Compasses 69   29 Compass Checks at Sea 350
8 Navigational Equipment 84   30 The Practice of Celestial Navigation 359
9 Dead Reckoning 95   31 The Sailings 367
10 Tides 100   32 Bathymetric Navigation 378
11 Currents 114   33 Doppler Navigation 383
12 Piloting 127   34 Polar Navigation 388
13 Current Sailing 141   35 Lifeboat Navigation 399
14 Ship Characteristics in Piloting 147   36 The Practice of Nautical Navigation 405
15 Basic Radio Navigation 154   Appendix A Abbreviations 413
16 Hyperbolic Navigation 164   Appendix B Symbols 417
17 Global Positioning System 173   Appendix C Compass Adjustment 419
18 Inertial Navigation 184   Appendix D Aids to Navigation 425
19 Navigational Astronomy 191   Index   435
20 Introduction to Celestial Navigation 201        


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