The Bluejacket's Manual (26th Edition, 2022)


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The Bluejacket's Manual (26th Edition, 2023)

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 712 pages
Illustrations: 167 color plates 42 figures, 2 maps
Published: October 15, 2023
ISBN-10: 1682478432
ISBN-13: 9781682478431
Product Dimensions: 9 × 6 × 1 in
Product Weight: 44 oz.

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The Bluejacket's Manual (26th Edition, 2023)


The 26th edition of The Bluejacket’s Manual continues the tradition of previous editions of this iconic work by serving as both an introduction to neophyte U.S. Navy Sailors and as a career-long reference work for all who wear the Blue and Gold. Readers of previous editions will note two significant changes in this latest rendition.    
The first recognizes the U.S. Navy’s current emphasis on warfighting. While routine and administrative guidance—such things as uniforms, honors, and ceremonies, pay and benefits, standards of conduct, etc.—remain, this latest edition places greater emphasis on those aspects that Sailors are likely to encounter and must prepare for in the event of combat.   
The first chapter is titled and focused on warfighting, reflecting the emphasis on “Warrior Toughness” in the training curriculum at Recruit Training Command (AKA “boot camp”) at Great Lakes, Illinois. Readers will find that this training emphasizes the psychological as well as practical aspects of preparation, providing a kind of “philosophy” that is tailored to Bluejackets who may well find themselves facing the challenges inherent to combat operations. Other chapters in the book—such as Weapons and Damage Control—complement this emphasis.    
The second major change to the book is its organization of information. The result is a more user-friendly book  
As always, the major purpose of revision is to bring the included information relevant and up to date. Readers will find coverage of those aspects of the Bluejacket’s world that are evolving. Such things as cyberwar and drones are now included with the emphasis on warfighting.     
The Bluejacket’s Manual, 26th Edition is a comprehensive yet manageable reference that will continue to serve the needs of the Navy and those who serve.   


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