Celestial Navigation Student Workbook, 3rd Edition 2017


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Written by Art Tuttle

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Celestial Navigation Student Workbook, 3rd Edition 2017 (Problem Solving)

Module 1  
Terrestrial Foundations for Ocean Navigation
Earth Coordinate System 1-1
Time Zones 1-5
Estimated Time of Arrival Problems 1-8
Module 1 Questions/Problem 1-11
Module 1 Answer 1-14
Module 2  
A Little Nautical Astronomy
Major and Minor Motions of the Earth 2-1
The Stars 2-3
The Solas System 2-4
The Earth and the Moon 2-6
The Celestial Sphere and Apparent Motion 2-8
Module 2 Questions/Problems 2-9
Module 2 Answers 2-12
Module 3  
The Celestial Equator Coordinate System
Refrence Points for Celestial System Coordinates 3-1
The First Point of Aries 3-4
Relationship Between Hour Angles 3-5
Module 3 Questions/Problems 3-10
Module 3 Answers 3-13
Module 4  
The Horizon Coordinate System
Framework of the Horizon Coordinate System 4-1
Coordinates in the Horizon System 4-2
Procedure for Converting Azimuth Angle "Z" to Azimuth "Zn" 4-4
Module 4 Questions/Problem 4-7
Module 4 Answers 4-9


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