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Able Se aman Study Guide by Houston Marine

Table of Contents 1.0 Steering and Helm Orders 1.1 Principles of Magnetic and Gyro Compasses 1.1.1 Magnetic compass theory 1.1.2 Magnetic compass components 1.1.3 Gyro compass principles 1.1.4Gyro compass components 1.2 Use of the Compass 1.2.1 Steering the vessel by compass 1.2.2 Skill Check - Steering 1.3 Helm Orders 1.3.1 Elements that affect steering 1.3.2 Helm commands and responses 1.3.3 Skills Check - Executing helm commands 1.3.4 Skills Check - Steering the Vessel 1.4 Steering Systems 1.4.1 Steering components and indicators 1.4.2Skills Check - Changing to the automatic steering system Assessment Review 2.0 Keeping a Proper Lock-out 2.1 Responsibilities of a Lock-out 2.2 Reporting sightings and Sounds 2.2.1 Report format and content 2.2.2 Skills Check - Reporting sighting and sounds by bearing Assessment Review 3.0 Contribute to the monitoring and controlling of a safe watch 3.1 Shipboard Terms and definitions 3.1.1 Directions and locations on a vessel 3.1.2 Vessel measurements 3.1.3 Profile lines and terms 3.1.4 Decks 3.1.5 Bulkheads 3.1.6 Hull construction 3.1.7 Deck supports 3.2 Internal Communications and Alarms 3.2.1 Shipboard emergency alarms 3.2.2 Skills Check - Use internal alarm system 3.3 Communications with Individuals - Vessel Chain of Command 3.4 Watchkeeping 3.4.1 Proper watchkeeping procedures 3.4.2 Skills Check - Relieve, maintain, and hand over a watch 3.5 Environmental Protection 3.5.1Pollution prevention rules Assessment Review 4.0 Emergency Equipment and Procedures 4.1 Emergency duties and alarm signals 4.1.1 Station Bill assignments 4.1.2 Distress signals, EPRIB's and SART's 4.1.3 False distress alerts ISBN:


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