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  • Murphy's Deck Officers Guides
    Murphy's Deck Officers...
  • U.S. Coast Guard Licenses and Certificates
    U.S. Coast Guard...
  • Marine Engineering Workbook
    Marine Engineering...
  • Marine Fire Fighting
    Marine Fire Fighting
  • Houston Marine
    Houston Marine
  • Freelance Software
    Freelance Software

    Freelance Software Merchant Marine Exam Training  by Freelance Software

  • Marine Education Textbooks
    Marine Education...
  • Flip Cards Limited
    Flip Cards Limited

    There are 10 different sets of flip cards!

    Self Instruction Learning Systems for Mariners

    Flip Cards is a system of learning using playing card sized cards that has been developed over 35 years to be the most effective, simple method of learning and checking knowledge of maritime systems, codes and rules.

    Each card shows the symbol or has a question on the face, with the answer on the back.

    Invaluable for yachtsmen (especially those taking the RYA Yacht Master, Day Skipper and Competent Crew Courses), students, navy cadets and professional seamen who are studying for a qualification or who wish to increase their understanding of sailing and marine procedures.

    The cards are printed on high quality art board with rounded corners and are packed in attractive transparent PVC wallets. Each pack is easily carried in the pocket or handbag so that study can be made whenever the user finds convenient.

  • Schiffer Publishing
    Schiffer Publishing
  • USCG Illustrations Workbooks
    USCG Illustrations...
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