International Medical Guide for Ships, 3rd Edition, 2007


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This book was commended in the Medicine category of the British Medical Association's 2008 annual Medical Book Competition.

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The third edition of the International Medical Guide for Ships shows designated first-aid providers how to diagnose, treat, and prevent the health problems of seafarers on board ship.

Since its first publication in 1967, the International Medical Guide for Ships has been a standard reference for medical care on board ships. The second edition, written in 1988, was translated into more than 30 languages, and has been used in tens of thousands of ships. This, the third edition, contains fully updated recommendations aimed to promote and protect the health of seafarers, and is consistent with the latest revisions of both the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and the International Health Regulations.

The International Labour Organization's Maritime Labour Convention 2006 stipulates that all ships shall carry a medicine chest, medical equipment and a medical guide. The International Medical Guide for Ships supports a main principal of that convention; to ensure that seafarers are given health protection and medical care as comparable as possible to that which is generally available to workers ashore.

By carrying this guide on board ships, and following its instructions, countries can both fulfill their obligations under the terms of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, and ensure the best possible health outcomes for their seafaring population.

"... major changes in the layout, including the use of twice as many illustrations, make it easier for users to find immediate advice on how to manage emergencies..." - Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (from previous edition)

"... ideal for people to read, identify and treat a great number of injuries and ailments... it covers everything from general first aid, pregnancy and child birth, to medical care of castaways and rescued persons, and death at sea..." - Marine Engineers Review (from previous edition)

Table of contents

1. First aid
2. Shock
3. Pain Management
4. Head injuries
5. Eye injuries and diseases
6. Bone, joint and muscle injuries
7. Abdominal and chest injuries
8. Wounds
9. Burns, chemical splashes, smoke inhalation and electrocution
10. Heat stroke and other heat disorders
11. Poisoning
12. Examination of the patient
13. Neurological and mental disorders
14. Disorders of the heart and circulation
15. Respiratory diseases
16. Gastrointestinal and liver diseases
17. Kidney and other urinary diseases
18. Pregnancy and childbirth
19. Sexually transmitted infections
20. Skin diseases
21. Bone, joint and muscle disorders
22. Alcohol and drug problems
23. Infectious diseases
24. Dental problems
25. External assistance
26. Nursing care and medical procedures
27. Death at sea
28. Medical care of survivors at sea
29. Environmental control
30. Preventing disease and promoting health in seafarers
31. Anatomy and physiology
32. International health regulations
33. The ship s medicine chest

Annex A: Forms for case reporting, referral and evacuation



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