NP323 Star Finder and Identifier, 1958 Edition


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British Admiralty NP323 Star Finder and Identifier, 1958 Edition

Consisting of a Star Chart (Northern and Southern Hemispheres) and eight transparent templates. (Latitudes 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 degrees). The Star Chart shows the 57 stars tabulated in the Nautical Almanac. To use you first find the LHA of Aries, select the plate nearest your Latitude, align an arrow on the template with the LHA of Aries. From the template you can then read off the approximate altitude and azimuth of any selected star, or identify a star for which the altitude or azimuth is known.


Publication Details

  • Number NP323 
  • Title Star Finder and Identifier 
  • Sub Title n/a
  • Type Astronomical 
  • SubType  
  • Edition No  
  • Pub Year 1958 


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