NP136 Ocean Passages for the World, 6th Edition 2014


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*** Canceled, replaced by two volumes:

NP 136(1), Ocean Passages of the World (Atlantic) (1st, 2018)

NP 136(2), Ocean Passages of the World (Pacific & India Ocean) (1st, 2018)


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British Admiralty NP136 Ocean Passages for the World, 6th Edition 2014

• A classic hardback publication • A wealth of information on ocean voyage planning. • Individual chapters on each of the world's oceans. • Each chapter offers advice on winds, weather, climate and seasonal factors, currents, swell and ice hazards; and the shortest routes between ports and important positions. • Routing details for both powered and sailing vessels.

Directions for updating ii
Record of updates ii
Contents iii
Preface vii
Reporting new dangers to navigation viii
Feedback viii
UKHO contact details viii
How to obtain Admiralty Publications and Publications viii
Related Admiralty Publications and their contents ix
General Information xi
Abbreviations xii
Certificate of Authenticity Preceding chapter 1
CHAPTER 1 Navigation and regulations
CHAPTER 2 North Atlantic Ocean
CHAPTER 3 South Atlantic Ocean
CHAPTER 4 Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico
CHAPTER 5 Mediterranean
CHAPTER 6 Indian Ocean
CHAPTER 7 Pacific Ocean and adjacent seas
CHAPTER 8 Sailing passages for Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
CHAPTER 9 Sailing passages for Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Eastern Archipelago
CHAPTER 10 Sailing Passages for Pacific Ocean
Table A -- Beaufort Wind Scale 372
Table B --- Seasonal Wind/Monsoon Table -- West Pacific and Indian Ocean 373
Table C -- Tropical Storm Table 374
Table D -- Standard Time Zone Chart of the World 375
Table E -- Standard Time Zone Chart of Europe and North Africa 376
 Appendix A -- Archipelagic Sea Lanes 378 
 Gazetteer 380
Index of general subjects 400
Index of routes  402



Publication Details

  • Number NP136 
  • Title Ocean Passages for the World 
  • Sub Title n/a
  • Type Related Admiralty Publications 
  • SubType  
  • Edition No Edition 6 
  • Pub Year 2014


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