NP131 Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and Publications (2024)


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NP131 Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and Publications (2024 Edition)

• A comprehensive reference in graphical and textual form of all
• Admiralty Charts and Publications worldwide.
• Listed by region for easy reference with a composite inde.
• Full details of individual title, scale, coverage and UK recommended retail price for each chart and publication.
• Includes details of Admiralty distributors worldwide
• Includes details of electronic charts - ARCS
• Essential work of reference for Admiralty Chart users
• Updated and published annually

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  • Number NP131 
  • Title Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and Publications 
  • Sub Title n/a
  • Type Catalogues 
  • SubType 
  • Edition No 
  • Pub Year 2024

This catalog is a fully comprehensive reference in graphical and textual form detailing the worldwide inventory of all Admiralty Charts and Publications available for purchase. The catalogue is revised and republished on 1st December every year. It is corrected to 28th August 2003. A loose addendum is supplied with each copy to bring the catalogue up to date for changes occurring during production. Any subsequent changes are announced each week of the front of Section II of the weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariner DESCRIPTION OF ADMIRALTY CHARTS & PUBLICATIONS The number of a chart is printed on the label (the `thumb label´) on the back of each sheet and also appears in two corners on the face of the chart. In the catalogue, printers´ marks against the chart number indicate whether a chart is in the international Chart Series, or whether on ARCS or Leisure Edition of the chart is available. The title of a chart is listed as given on the chart itself; alternative or secondary names are in brackets. If a chart has inset plans, details are listed below those of the chart itself. In the case of a sheet of plans, the details are listed below those of the chart itself. in the case of a sheet plans, the details are listed below the general title of the chart. The scale quoted for a chart in the Mercator projection id that which applies at the standard parallel as shown on the chart. For Gnomonic charts, as listed in the part 3, the scale quoted is that at the point of tangency. The size of the majority of Admiralty charts is about 980 x 640 mm, measured between the inner neat-line; these charts are sold single-folded. A small number are half this size, corresponding to the folio size of 710 x 520 mm, and are sold unfolded, increasingly, Admiralty charts are produced to International AO size (841 x 1189 mm); these are folded twice to bring them to the folio size. The size of various miscellaneous charts and diagrams listed in part 3 vary. A few are necessarily larger than single-folded size (for example, to provide cover from one major navigational feature to another, or to comply with on internationally agreed format) but these are folded again to bring them to the folio size. The data of the current Edition of a chart is given in the catalogue under the heading `New Edition´ if the chart has been revised in this way since publication; the `Date of Publication´ otherwise identifies the latest edition. On the chart, the data of publication is shown in the centre of the bottom margin and the dates of New Editions appear either to the right of it or increasingly in a Customer Information box in the bottom left hand corner. UPDATES TO ADMIRALTY CHARTS AND PUBLICATIONS Charts and publications are subject to frequent change. Therefore, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires all ship covered by convention, to carry and update the latest editions of Navigation Charts and Publications. The UKHO provides a range of update services for paper and electronic products designed to meet these regulations. Notices to Mariners are published weekly and include safety critical and important changes to Admiralty paper Charts and Publications, the text of which enable the chart or publication to be updated by hand. For complex or lengthy updates to the charts, the Notice will include a reproduction of a portion of a chart (known as on NM Block), which can be cut and pasted over the area of change. The weekly NM service is supported by supplementary publications Annual Summary of Admiralty Notice to Mariners (NP247) (published in January each year) and The Cumulative List of Admiralty Notice to Mariners (NP234A and 234B) (published in January and July each year). Paper NMs services are chargeable.


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