Admiralty Sailing Directions NP57B Norway Pilot, Vol 2B, 11th Edition 2022


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ISBN: 978-0-70-774-7606 (9780707747606)

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Admiralty Sailing Directions NP57B Norway Pilot, Vol 2B, 11th Edition 2012

Admiralty Sailing Directions Norway Pilot Volume 2B: West Coast of Norway from Stadlandet to Vikna 10th Edition 2022


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Directions for updating ii
Record of amendments ii
Contents iii
Preface v
Purpose of Sailing Directions vi
Reporting new dangers to navigation vi
Feedback vi
UKHO contact details vii
How to obtain Admiralty Charts and Publications vii
Related Admiralty Publications and their contents viii
General information x
Abbreviations xii
Glossary xiv
Index chartlets xvii-xviii
Navigation and regulations  
  Limits of the book (1.1) 1
  Navigational dangers and hazards (1.2) 1
  Traffic and operations (1.9) 2
  Charts (1.22) 4
  Aids to navigation (1.29) 5
  Pilotage (1.37) 7
  Radio facilities (1.45) 9
  Regulations (1.57) 10
  Signals (1.79) 13
  Distress and rescue (1.90) 14
  Norway (1.97) 15
Natural conditions  
  Maritime topography (1.105) 17
  Magnetic variation and local anomalies (1.107) 17
  Currents, tidal streams and flow (1.108) 17
  Sea level and tides (1.114) 19
  Sea and swell (1.118) 20
  Sea water characteristics (1.122) 22
  Ice conditions (1.125) 22
  Climate and weather 22
  Climate information (1.151) 43
Indreleia 57
Standlandet to Breisunddjupet, and the fjords of Sunnmorsfjordane 65
Breisunddjupet to Budadjupet, and the fjords of Romsdalsfordane 119
Budadjupet to Gripholen, and the fjords of Nordmorsfjordane 175
Grip to Slettringen, Ramsoyfjorden, Trondheimsleia, Stjornfjorden and the fjords of Trondheimsfjorden 235
Slettringen to Halten and Trodheimsleia to Kaura 291
Halten and Kaura to Vikna 331
Appendix I Regulations concerining the entry and passage through Norwegian territorial waters in peacetime of foreign, non-military vessels 382
Appendix II Military restricted areas 386
Appendix III Maritime traffic regulations for specific coastal waters of Norway (The Sea Traffic Directive) 388
Index 394

Often referred to as Pilots, Sailing Directions are designed for use by the merchant mariner on all classes of ocean-going vessels with essential information on all aspects of navigation. Sailing Directions are complementary to Admiralty Standard Nautical Charts and provide worldwide coverage in 74 volumes. Each publication contains quality colour photography and views, as well as information on navigational hazards, buoyage, meteorological data, details of pilotage, regulations, port facilities and guides to major port entry. New Editions of Admiralty Sailing Directions are published on a regular basis. Navigationally significant information for these publications is issued via the Admiralty Notices to Mariners weekly bulletin (Section IV).


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