OSHA Safe Working Practices for Shipbreaking


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Safe Working Practices for Shipbreaking

Shipbreaking is a unique part of the maritime industry, primarily involving the dismantling and disposal of obsolete U.S. Navy and Maritime Administration ships, as well as commercial barges and mobile offshore drilling units. For many years, much of this work was contracted to overseas companies. However, in recent years the exporting of ships from the United States to foreign countries for scrapping has come under criticism due to concerns over worker safety and health, and adverse environmental impacts.

Introduction 4
Interagency Work Group 4
Steps in Shipbreaking Process 4
Initial Visit to Vessel to Determine Suitability for Scrapping 6
Towing the Vessel 7
Mooring the Vessel 7
Hauling the Vessel 8
Planning 9
Breaking the Vessel 9
Burning Equipment 10
Cold Cutting 11
Mobile Hydraulic Shear Cutters 11
Shoreside Processing of Metals 11
Fall Protection 11
Fire Prevention and Protection 12
Emergency Response 13
Drills 13
Rescue 14
Lifesaving Materials 14
Hazardous Material Spills 14
Energy Control 14
Medical 15
Worker Medical Qualifications 16
Sanitation 16
Shipboard Rigging 16
Materials Handling 16
Crane Services 17
ForkTrucks 18
Trucks 18
Training 18
Communication 19
Maintenance Shops 19
References 20
Additional Resources 22
OSHA Assistance 23
OSHA Regional Offices 25


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