NP206 Admiralty Tide Tables (ATT) Volume 6 North Pacific Ocean (Including Tidal Stream Tables), 2024 Edition


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NP206 Admiralty Tide Tables (ATT) Volume 6 North Pacific Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables), 2024 Edition

Admiralty Tide Tables detail the times and heights of high and low waters for over 230 standard and 6000 secondary ports in the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean for each day of the year. The tables outline methods of prediction, the effect of meteorological conditions on tides and provide additional information on exceptional tidal factors in each area. The tables are available from Admiralty Distributors worldwide.

Publication Details

  • Number NP206
  • Title Volume 6, North Pacific Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables) 
  • Sub Title n/a
  • Type Tidal Publications 
  • SubType Admiralty Tide Tables (ATT) 
  • Pub Year 2024
Index to Standard Ports in Part 1 iii
Preface iv-v
Purpose vi
Related Admiralty Publications vii-viii
Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) - Admiralty TotalTide ix
Diagram showing limits of Admiralty Tide Tables x
Introduction xi-xiv
  Methods of Prediction: Tidal Levels: Meteorological Effects on Tides: Negative Surges: Datums of Tidal Predictions: Shallow Water Corrections: Seasonal Changes in Mean Level: Seasonal Variations in Harmonic Constants: Zone Time and Time Differences: Height Differences: Tidal Levels at Standard Ports: Criteria for Diurnal and Semi-Diurnal Tables: Seismic Sea Waves: Tida; Streams and Currents: Supplementary Tables  
Introductions for the use of tables xv-xxv
Table I: Conversion Table - metres to feet xxviii
Table II; Multiplication table xxix
Table III: is given only in ATT Volume 1  
Table IV: is given only in ATT Volume 1 and 2  
Table V:    
  Part 1 Tidal levels at Standard Ports, Authorities, methods of prediction, etc (with notes) xxx-xxxii
  Part 2 Highest Astronomical Tide Levels (HAT) at Secpmdary Ports xxxiii-xlii
Table VI: Fortnightly Shallow Water Corrections xliii
Table VII: Tidal Angels and Factors xliv-xlvii
Table VIII: Orbital Elements xlviii
Predictions of high and low water for Standard Ports 1-230
Contents of Tidal Stream Tables 233
Explanation of Tidal Stream Tables 234-235
Tidal Stream Tables 236-323
Non-harmonic data 325-367
Notes on Part II 368-369
Harmonic COnstants 371-387
Harmonic Constants for Tidal Streams 389-391
Geographic Index 393-404
List of Tidal Publications 405


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