NP122(3) Admiralty Tidal Handbook No.3, 1986


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NP122(3) Admiralty Tidal Handbook No.3, 1986 - The Admiralty Method of Harmonic Tidal Analysis for Short Period Observations

     NP 171 was revised in 1981. The present revision of the handbook takes account of changes in Form NP 171 at the time. Concurrently with this revision Form NP 171(a) has been introduced containing sections for alternative methods of performing this anlysis and for the obtaining of quarter - diurnal shallow water corrections as required for prediction by the Simplified Harmonic Method.
     The revision of both forms and handbook was carried out by Lieutenant Commander A G Merriman, MNI, RN (Retd).

Preface   ii
Contents   iii
Introduction   iv
 Greek Alphabet    v
 1  Requirement for, and Brief Description of, this Analysis  1
 2  Contouring and Application of Stencils  5
 3 Mean Level and Shallow Water Corrections   8
 4  Tidal Angles and Factors  11
 5  Pairs of Columns- Solution by Simultaneous Equations  14
 6  Pairs of Columns- Approximate Solution  18
 7  Use of Inferences from and Adjacent Solution  21
 8  Tidal Streams  26
 9  Means. Assessment of Results  27
 10  Use of Computers  30
1-17  See ATH(1)  
18   Derivation of Stencils  33
19  Constants used in Compilation of Tidal Angles and Factors 34 
 Semi-diurnal (Rosyth) - Full Contour Sheet  38
 2  Semi-diurnal (Rosyth) - Single Day  40
 3  Diurnal (Labuan) - 4 consecutive days  42
 4  Diurnal (Labuan) - 2 separate days  44


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