NP122(1) Admiralty Tide Handbook No. 1, 1985


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ISBN: 978-0-70-772-1125 (9780707721125)

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NP122(1) Admiralty Tide Handbook No. 1, 1985 - The Admiralty Method Of Harmonic Tidal Analysis For Long Period Obsevations

NP 112 was revised in 1982. It now consists of Part (a) containing the Plotting Sheet and Astronomical Calculations and Part (b) - a booklet containing the remainder of the calculation. There are many minor changes in layout to facilitate calculation but the most significant are sections allowing calculation of Long Term, Third-Diurnal and Sixth-Diurnal Species and inclusion of a section for obtaining Shallow Water Corrections in the form required for the Simplified Harmonic Method of Prediction (NP 159).

The present revision of this handbook takes account of these changes and also includes new chapters on the use of computers and the combining of a series of 30 Day analyses over a period of about a year to obtain a greater number of more accurate constituents.

The revision of both form and handbook was carried out by Lieutenant Commander A G Merriman MNI RN (Retd).

Preface ii
Contenets iii-iv
Introduction v
1 Brief Summary of Relevant Tidal Theory and Tidal Terms in Common Use
2 The Semi-Graphic Analysis- Brief Summary11 
3 Graphical Construction of the 'Tidal Surface' and Smoothing of the Original Observations12 
4 Separation of Different Species24 
5 Selection of Position and Number of Columns32
6 Computerised Solution of the Plotting Sheet34 
 Separation of Constituents of the Same Species46 
8 Corrections Due to Minor Constituents57 
9 Long Term Constituents and Mean Level72 
10 Shallow Water Corrections75 
11 The Annual Grouping Method of Analysis of Tide Readings Over a Period of About a Year 79
12  Tidal Streams89 
13 Use of Electronic Computers 94
 List of Constituents Derived by the Methods in this Handbook102 
2 Nodal Corrections u and f104 
 Speeds and Phase Change of Constituents105 
 Derivation of Short Term Stencils106
 Co-ordinates of Central Times of Columns107
6-12  Derivation of Multiplication Tables108
13 Minor Constituents and Close Pair Relationships110 
14 Relative Phases and Trig Functions for Minor Constituents111 
15 Contributions of Minor Constituents 112
16 Long Term Stencils113 
17 Annual Grouping Method - List of Recommended Dates114 
A The Principle of Least Squares115 
 B Astronomical Arguments118 
 C Flow Chart for Computed Selected Heights121 
 D Summary of Formulae for Computed Selected Heights122
 E Manual Example of Computed Selected Heights124 
 F Example Calculation of Shallow Water corrections by Extreme Springs Method 125
 G Specimen Form for Calculation of Shallow Water Corrections by Extreme Spring Method126 
 H Annual Grouping Method - Example of Secondary Calculation127 
 J Annual Grouping Method - Example of Tertiary Calculations for 1 Month 128
 K Limits of Speeds and Separation of Constituents for a Series of Observations - Rayleigh's Criterion 130


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