NP314 The Nautical Almanac, 2024


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NP314 The Nautical Almanac, 2024

Table of Contents
A2-A3 Altitude correction tables for Sun, stars, planets
A4 Additional refraction corrections for non-standard conditions
1-3 Title page, preface, etc.
4 Phases of the moon
4-5 Calenders
5-7 Eclipses
8-9 Planet notes and diagrams
10-253 Daily pages: Ephemerides of Sun, Moon, Aries and planets; sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise, moonset, etc.
254-261 Explanation


Standard times


Star charts


Stars: SHA and Dec of 173 stars, in order of SHA (accuracy 0'.1)


Polaris (Pole Star) tables


Sight reduction procedures; direct computation


Concise sight reduction tables


From for use with concise sight reduction tables


Polar Phenomena


Semi-duration of sunlight and twilight


Semi-duration of moonlight


Converse of arc to time


Tables of increments and corrections for Sun, planets, Aries, Moon


Tables for interpolating sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise, moonset, Moon's meridian passage


Index to selected stars


Altitude correction tables for the Moon


Same as page A2 and xxxiii


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