An Introduction to Marine Lubricants, 1st Edition 2017


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Authors Nigel Draffin
Language English
Published First Edition. 2017
ISBN 978-1-908663-27-6

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An Introduction to Marine Lubricants, 1st Edition 2017

An Introduction to Marine Lubricants has been written by industry expert Nigel Draffin to shed light on marine lubricants and greases, a sector of the maritime industry that may be well understood by petroleum engineers and other specialists but for many remains highly complex and poorly-understood. 

However, in the light of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, which are providing the impetus for refiners and suppliers to drive down the sulphur content of bunker fuels, the indispensable contribution of lubes to efficient vessel operations is now being more widely noticed.

This clearly written book is intended for all who need to know more about the machinery on ships that requires lubrication and the details of the lubricants used. Relevant to industry newcomers and shipping experts alike, it also features a useful summary of the correct storage and treatment of marine lubes, and highlights potential problems such as deterioration and contamination.

This compact but highly practical book includes many explanatory photographs, charts and tables, a comprehensive glossary and helpful index, as well as a ‘where to go for help’ section.

For the reader who requires an accessible overview of the properties and uses of marine lubricants, An Introduction to Marine Lubricants is an excellent starting point.


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