An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis, 1st Revised Edition 2018


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Author: Nigel Draffin
Revised Edition 2018
ISBN: 978-1-908663-28-3 (9781908663283)

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An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis, 1st Revised Edition 2018

Since the publication of the first edition of this book, much has changed in the marine fuel analysis sector. These changes, which have largely been driven by the introduction of more stringent atmospheric pollution regulations, include the development of new fuel grades, international standards and test methods, and there has also been a marked increase in the number of distillate fuel samples sent for analysis by fuel testing laboratories.

This revised edition of An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis has been fully updated to reflect and explain such changes, notably the publication of the sixth edition of ISO 8217.

This book is intended to provide a guide and reference for those who, whilst not specialists in the technical aspects of marine fuels, need to understand the terminology and the reporting used in fuel analysis as part of their work.
It is full of photographs, diagrams, tables and data designed to help the reader unravel some of the complexities of fuel specifications and fuel analysis. An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis is clearly written and easy to read, and helps bridge the gap between the general level of information available and that offered by the testing agencies and other specialised sources.

Understanding fuel analysis need not be as complicated as it may seem, and this book will shed some light on the processes involved and the reasons behind them. An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis will be just as relevant and useful to vessel owners and charterers, marine lawyers and port agents as it will be to bunker suppliers, traders and brokers.


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