IMO e-Reader KTA134E Model Course Operational Use of AIS, 2019 Edition


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IMO e-Reader KTA134E Model Course Operational Use of AIS, 2019 Edition

The Organization has mandated in SOLAS Chapter V the carriage of equipment meeting the requirements of the Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) on all larger ships (as defined in Section 3.1 of this Model Course) to enhance the safety of life at sea, the safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment.

Courses based on this Model Course may be stand-alone and as such will be useful for updating existing watch keeping staff. For seafarers who are training to become an OOW it is good practice to ensure an appropriate level of integration between this model course and Model Course 1.07 (Radar navigation, radar plotting and use of ARPA) and Model Course 7.03 (Officer in charge of a navigational watch).

Training colleges undertaking such a course will need a simple AIS simulator and a radar target tracker (ARPA) simulator with AIS display capabilities. System requirements are discussed under "Teaching facilities and equipment" in Part A of this model course. A detailed discussion on simulator exercises is given in the final section of Part D.


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