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Starpath Engineer's Library: Training courses and reference materials for marine engineers.

The Cd includes electronic images of about 50 volumes like those shown above, consisting of more than 13,600 pages of text — a stack of books about 3 feet tall, weighing 66 lbs!

This single CD includes elibra ebook editions of 50 volumes of books and self-study courses on all aspects of marine engineering.

Please note that some of these documents may have more recent editions. We offer no guarantee on latest editions, even if available. Our primary source has been working engineers who provided us with the books they found most useful. Some, in fact, are long out of print and difficult to find in paper, let alone in electronic format. If we do make updates to any book or add books to the package, they will be posted at this site and available for download at no extra charge.

Update services: If you have purchased the product and you return to this page and note a letter following the book number (ie SE07a) then that signifies the file has been updated and available for download. The new file name will be changed accordingly. A subsequent update would be SE07b, and so on.

Elibra products are intended for reading from the computer screen. They can be fully searched by word or phrase and offer other convenient software options, but they cannot be printed.


This product must be registered in order to run on your computer. This is a single user, single computer license. The registration process takes just seconds with an Internet connection.

No. Book Title Pages Size MB  
SE00 Interactive Index 1 0.06 Download
SE01 Machinery Repairman 3 & 2 329 24.1 Download
SE02 Diesel Engines 282 12.6 Download
SE03 Engineman 3 & 2 568 69.2 Download
SE04 Engineman 1 & C 312 5.2 Download
SE05 Mathematics Fundamentals 304 1.3 Download
SE06 Mathematics, Trigonometry 259 8.0 Download
SE07 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 108 11.6 Download
SE08 Principles of Naval Engineering 664 37.1 Download
SE09 Fire Room Operations 103 7.6 Download
SE10 Basic Electricity 505 32.3 Download
SE11 Tools and Their Uses 185 15.8 Download
SE12 Marine Engineman's Handbook 440 6.6 Download
SE13 Introduction to Marine Electricity 367 6.9 Download
SE14 Gas Turbine Systems Supervisor 119 3.7 Download
SE15 Fluid Power 236 5.2 Download
SE16 Equipment Operator, Basic 633 14.3 Download
SE17 Equipment Operator, Advanced 280 6.4 Download
SE18 Basic Machines 169 10.5 Download
SE19 Fireman 334 7.7 Download
SE20 Machinist's Mate 3 & 2 542 9.4 Download
SE21 Blueprint Reading and Sketching 198 1.1 Download
SE22 Damage Controlman 385 3.5 Download
SE23 Hull Maintenance Technician 717 11.5 Download
SE24 Engineman 2 218 7.7 Download
SE25 Electrician’s Mate 624 17.0 Download
Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series
SE26 01. Introduction to Matter, Energy, and Direct Current 270 3.1 Download
SE27 02. Introduction to Alternating Current and Transformers 235 2.6 Download
SE28 03. Introduction to Circuit Protection, Control, and Measurement 203 4.0 Download
SE29 04. Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading 145 3.1 Download
SE30 05. Introduction to Generators and Motors 112 2.3 Download
SE31 06. Introduction to Electronic Emission, Tubes, and Power Supplies 193 2.5 Download
SE32 07. Introduction to Solid-State Devices and Power Supplies 270 3.7 Download
SE33 08. Introduction to Amplifiers 171 1.6 Download
SE34 09. Introduction to Wave Generation and Wave Shaping 261 2.6 Download
SE35 10. Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas 261 4.0 Download
SE36 11. Microwave Principles 190 3.0 Download
SE37 12. Modulation 216 2.3 Download
SE38 13. Introduction to Number Systems and Logic Circuits 204 1.3 Download
SE39 14. Introduction to Microelectronics 159 5.6 Download
SE40 15. Principles of Synchros, Servos, and Gyros 181 2.5 Download
SE41 16. Introduction to Test Equipment 256 3.0 Download
SE42 17. Radio-Frequency Communications Principles 196 2.9 Download
SE43 18. Radar Principles 188 2.5 Download
SE44 19. The Technician’s Handbook 152 1.8 Download
SE45 20. Master Glossary 91 0.7 Download
SE46 21. Test Methods and Practices 212 3.0 Download
SE47 22. Introduction to Digital Computers 165 3.3 Download
SE48 23. Magnetic Recording 154 1.6 Download
SE49 24. Introduction to Fiber Optics 233 3.3 Download


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