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WayPoint for Windows Ocean Routing & Navigation for Mariners Version: 3.01(a)

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WAYPOINT FOR WINDOWS Version 3.01(a) Ocean Routing & Navigation for the Professional Mariner Version: 3.01(a) Release Date: 24 February 2001 WayPoint For Windows 3.0 As in earlier versions, WayPoint for Windows v3.0 is an advanced ocean routing & navigation program for the Professional Mariner. It is designed to help manage and analyze your vessel's routes wherever you may sail. Designed primarily with the Professional in mind, mariners of all skill levels will enjoy the benefits of working with this powerful navigation tool. Fully Y2K Compliant! WayPoint for Windows v3.0x is fully Year 2000 Compliant. All dates are entered into individual date fields to avoid calulcation errors from occurring. Two digit years entered are automatically formatted to the current century on the pc clock. Widely used internationally, WayPoint for Windows is the software tool of choice for the Navigator's shipboard computer. Primary Features: Create and maintain sailing plans for all your routes. Analyze pre-departure and projected sailing times. Monitor your passage with daily position updates. Automatically update the voyage projections with each daily position. Calculate Great Circle, Composite, Rhumb Line and multiple DR solutions. Generate IMO Standard Reporting messages. Reverse route feature. Print professional looking reports! Plan your arrival time by using the ETA calculator. Calculate projected DR track points for a designated time period. Calculate pre-arrival slow down point for maneuvering speed Waypoint Data Library system: Create and maintain GPS libraries using WayPoint's new data library system. Each library holds 500 waypoints. Use the Route Editor to customize your GPS routes with the library system. Import/Export library positions using standard and custom NMEA-0183 sentences. Create a database of ports by saving port code/zone and descriptions. GPS Uploader/Downloader Link your on-line library of waypoints to a GPS unit. Save hours of inputting library positions into your GPS. Uploads in only minutes! Back up your GPS library positions and routes Built in upload/download GPS support for: Leica (Magnavox) MX100, MX200, MX300 Magellan Nav DLX-5000 and DLX-10 Trimble Navigation NavTrac and NT200D GPS units that accept the NMEA-0183 $GPWPL - Waypoint library position protocol are also supported Create custom NMEA-0183 compatible sentences using the NMEA sentence builder.


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