Sealite GSM Cell-Phone Monitor & Control System

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Sealite GSM Cell-Phone Monitor & Control System

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Sealite’s cost effective GSM Monitoring & Control System provides an array of options for your lantern including remote control over flash code and intensity settings, and other features for GSM-enabled lanterns.

  • SMS text message, email and online GSM web portal reports and alarms
  • Enables proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Low cost monitoring
  • Worldwide functionality
  • Available in a range of Sealite products

Data is able to be communicated from the lantern including lantern statistics, battery condition and GPS positioning via your cell-phone, email address or Sealite’s secure web portal.

Maintenance personnel are able to send an SMS text message to the designated Sealite GSM lantern cell-phone number and then receive an automatic SMS text message reply detailing the various pre-set operational conditions. In addition, various alarm conditions can also be activated such as tracking a drifting buoy via GPS that has moved outside a designated area (if mooring is broken etc) or alerting to a potential power disruption.

Sealite’s innovative GSM Monitoring & Control System may also be setup to regularly report lantern conditions to a secure user-login portal area of the Sealite website. This provides details of the GSM lantern’s operational status in an easy-to-read PC interface, such as historical graphed data, GPS positioning viewed via internet mapping systems and day-to-day operational information about each individual lantern over the period of its service life. Users can also have alarms and reports sent to designated email addresses.

Each lantern is fitted with its own SIM card which provides a designated cell-phone contact number for each individual lantern. Any network operator can be used providing they have GSM coverage.

Award Winning Technology
In mid June 2009 Sealite was awarded the prestigious international “Duke’s Choice Award” in the category of “Technology & the Environment” for the GSM Monitoring and Control System. Winners of the Duke’s Choice Award are selected by the ‘father of Java’, James Gosling, Vice President of Sun Microsystems, and a panel of Java technology experts at Sun.

The award is judged on the innovation and creativity of projects using Java™ technologically-based applications that benefits customers, industry and society, and highlights Sealite’s advanced knowledge and use of software in the product range.

See the "More Info" tab below for further details about the monitoring, control & alarm systems available.

The following downloads are availableDownload
Product Specifications [ download 2.1 MB ]
Installation Manual [ download 1.7 MB ]

Features of the Sealite GSM

  • GSM/GPS components (module & aerial) are internally housed within the marine lantern. For leading lights the antenna is externally located
  • IP68 waterproof rating maintained with internally integrated components
  • LOW COST MONITORING - web reporting enables multiple users to log into Sealite's secure Online GSM Portal to view daily/monthly/yearly lantern diagnostics or receive the information via email
  • PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING - trend analysis of historical data and graphs via Sealite's online GSM portal enables users to proactively schedule yearly maintenance activities
  • WORLDWIDE FUNCTIONALITY - will function in any region providing there is a GSM mobile system
  • AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF SEALITE PRODUCTS - SLC420, SLC500, SLC600 & SL125 Series Marine Lantern, and SL48 & SL96 Leading Lights

Advantages of the Sealite GSM

  • Monitor lantern status using any cell-phone or Sealite's secure website user-portal login
  • Reports pre-programmed alarm conditions to designated cell-phone numbers & email addresses
  • Remote control of lantern settings including flash code, intensity, and operational status
  • GSM enabled lanterns only respond to authorised users & the GSM system uses encryption to make messages secure
  • Reduced maintenance & servicing costs, & improved marine safety
  • Real time information from anywhere in the world

Additional Information about the Sealite GSM

Remotely Monitor;

  • Battery voltage
  • Solar module charging current
  • Lantern current draw
  • Lantern GPS position - latitude & longitude (* when GPS module is fitted to lantern)
  • Day/night on status
  • Current operational mode
  • Current flash code setting
  • Current intensity setting 

Set Alarm Triggers for Pro-Active Maintenance;

  • Lantern failure
  • Low battery
  • Off-station - moves from position (* when GPS module is fitted to lantern)

Remotely Control;

  • Flash code setting
  • Intensity setting
  • Operation mode 


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