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Sealite AIS Monitoring System

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Sealite’s AIS (Automatic Identification System) enabled AtoNs operate on the international VHF Maritime Mobile Band, enabling Port Authorities and other users to remotely monitor the real-time status of their AtoN installations.

Mariners in the broadcasting region are provided with crucial Message 21 information (as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) such as AtoN operational status and positioning – revolutionising the VTS system by expanding AtoN information availability to mariners worldwide.

The compact AIS AtoN TeleBeacon is available installed within Sealite’s range of SL125/C Type 2 Complete Lantern Assemblies, as well as the compact SLC600 Solar Marine Lantern, providing installation flexibility and operational reliability for a range of environmental conditions and demanding duty cycles.

Versions of the self-contained TeleBeacon are available without the lantern integration to enable the benefits of AIS if a visual navaid is not required.

The TeleBeacon interacts with most AIS enabled charts or radar screens, both at sea and ashore, broadcasting imperative information at regular intervals about the type and name of the AtoN, as well as GPS position. With these capabilities, Sealite’s AIS enabled AtoNs add a new information quality to VTS systems.

In addition, the AIS enabled AtoN broadcasts AIS Message 6 received by the designated base station, allowing the operator to monitor the AtoN for solar and battery voltage, flash code setting and light status. Meteorological and hydrological data and a host of other parameters can be fitted.

This fixed frequency telemetry unit operates on the designated AIS1 and AIS2 channels.

Sealite’s AIS enabled AtoNs were developed in technology partnership with Maritec Ltd and in accordance with the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Recommendations, and ITU Publications – creating completely integrated, self-contained, AIS enabled AtoNs.

See the "More Info" tab below for a list of typical applications and the contents of AIS Message 21 & Message 6.

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Features of the Sealite AIS

  • Solar-powered AIS enabled AtoNs
  • VHF aerial
  • Battery enclosed in 7-stage powder-coated aluminium, impact resistant housing
  • Adjustable solar module(s) angled to maximise solar collection
  • Lantern available with up to 4 tiers of LEDs (36 ultra-high intensity LEDs per tier)
  • Large industry standard 200mm OD base pattern for ease of installation

Advantages of the Sealite AIS

  • Complete AIS interface displaying accurate positioning & operational information about the AtoN in real time
  • Low power consumption making the units ideal for solar & AtoN installations
  • New information quality to VTS systems. Real-time information
  • Developed in accordance to IALA Recommendations and ITU Publications (ITU-R M.1371-1), & operates in the VHF Maritime Mobile Band
  • Enhances operational awareness
  • Reduces maintenance & call-out costs

More Info:

Additional Information about the Sealite AIS

Typical Applications

  • AIS & remote monitoring systems
  • Boundary marking
  • Scientific research projects
  • Security systems
  • Traffic management
  • Fitted to buoys, beacons & lighthouses
  • Marking & identifying off-shore structures (wind farms, oil/gas platforms etc)

Contents of AIS Message 21

  • Name of AtoN
  • Type of AtoN
  • Positioning (latitude & longitude measurement)
  • ON position/OFF position status
  • Time Stamp
  • Dimensions of the AtoN & Reference Positioning

Contents of AIS Message 6* (Transmitted to Base Station)

  • Light status
  • Battery voltage
  • Solar voltage

* Additional software upgrade to user base station required to view message 6. Sealite can provide this on request.


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