ATL101: New Foundland Northeast and East Coasts, 2022


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Canadian Sailing Directions ATL101: New Foundland Northeast and East Coasts, 2022

This Edition of sailing Directions, ATL 101 ─ Newfoundland Northeast and East Coasts, 2022, has been complied from Canadian Government and other information sources. All hydrographic terms used in this booklet are in accordance with the meanings given in the Hydrographic Dictionary (Special Publication No. 32), published by the International Hydrographic Bureau.

General information for the Atlantic Coast isgrouped within one booklet, Sailing  Directions, ATL 100 ─ General Information, ATlantic Coast, 2021. It contains navigational information and a brief description of the main port facilities as well as geographic, oceangraphic and atmospheric characteristics,

The detailed description of the geographical areas is given in a series of volumes and booklets. Their limits are printed on the back cover if the booklets. The appropriate descriptive booklet(s) should be consulted in conjuction with the ATL 100 ─ General Information booklet. 

Oblique aerial photography of harbours and prominent features
Plans of harbours, wharves and bridges supplemental to those carried on the charts.
Voyage Planning : historical meteorological and ice conditions, climate, tidal streams, distance between ports tables, preferred routes, preferred tides or weather conditions to enter or leave port or to make passage, regulations.
Safety Information: Canadian buoyage system description, cold water survival, effect of wind on exposed persons, sailing plan, distress assistance.
Cultural and historical information: description of government, ethnicity of the population, historically significant points of interest, ecological reserves, plant and animal life.
Port Facilities: berths, anchorage, mooring, fresh water, fuel, waste oil collection, chandlery, slips, medical.
Navigation Objects: buoys, lights, radio aids, conspicuous objects (headlands, hills, churches, towers), calling-in-points, traffic lanes.
Dangers: rocks, reefs, wrecks, currents, local ice conditions, local weather conditions affecting safe navigation.
Government Agencies: Pilotage, Life Saving Stations, Customs, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Police.


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