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Format: Paperback • Author: Steve Colgate • ISBN: 9780071793469 • Pages: 128 • Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.4 • Published Date: March 2012 • Publisher: International Marine

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Prepare Better, Sail Smarter, Race Faster

The desire to sail faster is not just a need for speed, but a longing for the feel of efficiently driving your boat at peak performance. It's the thrill of pushing your sailing skills to their apex, experiencing supreme confidence in your ability to go fast. Sailing instructor and racing veteran Steve Colgate shows you how to reach these goals with Perfoemance Sailing and Racing. Colgate shares his wisdom on sail control, sail trim, boat handling, racing tactics, and more-all the factors that let you sail your boat better and faster.

Inside your will learn how to:

• Use a spinnaker
• Understand polar diagrams
• Judge the winds in your path
• Reduce the drag on your hull
• Avoid oversteering
• Round a mark to your advantage
• Ignore distractions that disrupt your concentration on the job at hand
• Shoot across the finish line in a close race
• Handle emergencies

Full of clear, friendly, and practical tricks and tips that can be implemented next time you'll sail, Steve gives you the knowledge to sail faster-whether it's to win the next race or jusr to blow past the other boats in the outer harbor.

Steve Colgate is the chairman of Offshore Sailing School, which he founded in 1964. He has taught thousands of people to sail and to improve their sailing skills. A fierce competitor, Steve learned to sail at age 9, made his first transatlantic race at age 19, and has been racing at the highest levels of the sport ever since, including innumerable one-design class competitions, two America's Cup trails, 20 Newport to Bermuda races, seven Fastnet races, the Olympics, and six transatlantic races.



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