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The Radar Book
Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance
Second Edition


By Kevin Monahan

"In straightforward, easy-to-follow steps, supplemented with copious examples, this book takes the reader from the basics of radar to advanced techniques. The new radar user will welcome this book, the experienced user will appreciate it. Both will learn from it."

Robert Hale
Editor, Waggoner Cruising Guide

"Clear explanations and well-illustrated examples make this book a must read for anyone who wants to use their marine radar system effectively and safely. This book goes beyond the instruction book shipped with most systems to teach you how to use a radar system under real-life conditions on the water."

Don Douglass
Author of the renowned Exploring…series of cruising guides

Author Kevin Monahan, an experienced captain and Canadian Coast Guard officer, presents the complete picture on how to maximize the use of a marine radar system for collision avoidance and navigation. By using practical examples, extensively illustrated with screen captures, the new comer to radar as well as the experienced mariner will learn how to tune a radar system, interpret the display under real-life conditions, and take advantage of all of the built-in features and functions to use radar effectively as a real-time navigational tool. The 248 page book includes step by step examples of an actual trip showing the radar display with the corresponding chart to show how to interpret the display in a variety of weather conditions. Today’s next generation radar systems, which combine the chart plotter display, are also covered in this comprehensive explanation of marine radar systems as well as tips and recommendations for the purchase and installation of a new system.

Information of value to new and experienced radar users
Practical examples on how to interpret radar displays
Instructions to tune and operate the controls on your radar system
Extensive illustrations with side by side radar screen displays
and their corresponding chart
Large format - 248 pages


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