What to expect Cruising America's Great Loop (CD ROM)


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ISBN: 884501159067

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What to expect Cruising America's Great Loop (CD ROM)

The adventure of circumnavigating eastern North America by boat is known as "cruising the Great Loop." Some adventures set out wanting to be surprised. This program is for those who prefer knowing what to expect on the trip. Over 2,000 photos will shows what awaits you. Each photo is captioned, narrated and associated with a map. The photos were taken by Bob and Mavis Duthie between October 2003 and July 2005 as they cruised the Loop in the Katy Leigh, a 36-foot 1981 Grand Banks classic trawler. FEATURES: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS •Easy to Use •2,190 photos and 210 maps •6+ hours audio narration •Text search and note taker •Interactive acess 12 legs / 56 segments •Tips on safety/navigation, restaurants, marinas, historical landmarks and attractions •Bookmarks •Windows 95 or higher •Macintosh OS X •800 x 600 pixels, millions of colors •Sound card •CD-ROM drive


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