Weems & Plath 3250 Professional Mariner's Kit


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Weems & Plath 3250 Professional Mariner's Kit

All the Tools You Need for Safe and Easy Navigation in One Handy Kit. Assembled With the Serious Navigator in Mind. Only from Weems & Plath.

(#90) Paralock Plotter The primary purpose of the Paralock Plotter is to enable the transfer of GPS positions rapidly, easily and accurately to and from any paper chart. The Paralock Plotter features three unique design concepts: a locking knob that allows the user to quickly plot a GPS position on paper charts, two sets of finger holes that enable finger tips to act as friction pads on the underlying chart, and, although shorter than standard size rules, the Paralock Plotter opens to the same width as conventional rules and therefore covers the same chart area. The most inventive feature of this patented device is the locking knob located at one of the four pivot points of the rule’s cross–arms. This knob enables the two rulers to be fixed in any given separation which allows rapid determination of GPS position. The Paralock Plotter is only 7.25” long as opposed to the standard rule length of 15”, but its opening width is the same as standard rules. The Paralock Plotter has all the features of a standard parallel rule but fits in a pocket and is easier to use.

(#120) Parallel Plotter This plotter is mounted on a roller that allows you to plot courses and parallel lines with simple direct transfer without the space required of traditional parallel rules or triangles. The two rollers keep the Weems plotter parallel as you slide it across the chart. This plotter contains distance scales at 1:20,000, 1:40,000 and 1:80,000 to fit N.O.S. Coast and Harbor Charts, as well as an inch scale. This plotter also includes a semi-circular protractor for measuring courses and bearings against meridian on chart, and two quarter circle protractors for measuring courses and bearings against parallel of latitude. Instructions for the Weems plotter are included.

(#176) Ultralight Divider The navigation dividers are fully adjustable and easy to use and are constructed of coated corrosion resistant marine alloy. Their gear synchronized arms allow one-hand use and provide excellent point alignment while the center wheel/extension bar construction allows for fast action precision adjustments. It has stainless steel points, is made in Germany and comes with a lifetime warranty.

(#501V) VEC Vectormaster This circular slide rule provides for the solution of time, speed and distance, fuel consumption, conversions, multiplication, and division. The face of the Vectormaster permits the rapid solution of problems involving vectors, such as those encountered in current sailing, determination of true wind direction and force, and apparent wind to be expected on other headings.

(#1049) Professional Brass Pencil Compass This large solid brass pencil compass is perfect for the professional navigator using large charts. Because of its length, with adjustable pencil mount and angled stainless steel point, the pencil compass can draw a 24” circle. The pencil compass was designed by Weems & Plath and made in Germany. The pencil compass comes with a pencil, a sharpener and a plastic pouch for safe storage and has a lifetime warranty.

(#1141) Mechanical Pencil The set includes a nautical pencil, one 12-pack of leads and 2 spare erasers. 0.7 mm lead (HB or No. 2 hardness) is a special blend of polymers that provides extra blackness and smoothness when writing or drawing. The pencil is great for charting out courses because the super fine eraser won't mark charts when making corrections and the precise lead of the nautical pencil will give a clear course line.

(#9998) Chart Correction Template Chart Correction Template contains the Region A & B IALA Maritime Buoyage symbols required for updating and correcting nautical charts. Keeping charts updated with the Chart Correction Template helps ensure the safety of your crew and vessel. Designed for use with a fine line pen, this simple-to-use stencil allows for quick, easy and permanent correction to nautical charts. Corrections should be made in ink so they will not be accidentally erased. Please reference US Nautical Chart No. 1 or UK Admiralty Chart 5011 for assistance with symbol identification.

(#325) Navitote The NaviTote will keep your Weems & Plath navigation tools in good order. The navigation tool bag is made with Tough Duck, a PVC backed polyester duck fabric, for added strength and durability. The Navitote incorporates gusseted, reinforced pockets and strong hanging grommets. Designed with input from the United States military, it is built to meet demands of everyday use on patrol vessels.


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