A Postcard History Of The Passenger Liner


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POSTCARD HISTORY ? of the ? PASSENGER LINER 11.75" x 9.5", 160 pages, hard-cover, ISBN: 0-939511-15-0 From around 1880 for almost a hundred years, shipowners commissioned a wealth of paintings that depicted, as well as their magnificent liners, the routes they traveled, their exotic destinations, and life on board. These paintings, rich in imagination and atmosphere, appeared on postcards and posters of the day and were used to advertise the companies and their ships; and so was born a whole genre that produced tens of thousands of paintings which formed a wonder record of the great era of the passenger liner. In 1990, there were over thirty shipping companies operating passenger liners across the North Atlantic. Other oceans were similarly served. But now, with just a few exceptions, the companies and their liners have disappeared along with the art that they once inspired. Little remains to recall this aspect of our maritime past of the vanished world of elegant ships and leisurely travel, of social and political times much changed by the history of the past century. Here, brought vividly to life in more than 500 colourful postcards, are the ships on which so many of our predecessors sailed, as emigrants, soldiers or administrators in distant lands, or as tourists in days long passed. These cards, which are now highly collectable, show how steamships developed over the years, buy they are also a fine tribute to the artists who painted them. A glossary of some 170 illustrators forms a valuable reference section in the books and advise on collecting is also included. ISBN: 0-939511-15-0


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