The Barometer Handbook by David Burch


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The Barometer Handbook by David Burch

An in-depth look at barometers and applications of barometric pressure by the author of Modern Marine Weather.
7.5" x 9.25" paperback, 238 pages, many illustrations

The barometer remains the most important tool for evaluating and predicting the weather. This book explains why knowing accurate values of the atmospheric pressure can improve this process and benefit all applications. Ways to evaluate and calibrate aneroid and electronic barometers using readily available data by Internet or telephone are clearly described. Tactical applications to marine navigation are covered. The book also includes worldwide average monthly pressures and their standard deviations.

A good barometer is the key to good weather work. This book explains how to evaluate a barometer and how to carry out a simple calibration using convenient online resources (see How to use accurate pressure in marine navigation is also explained with practical examples.

Also included are monthly mean sea level pressures worldwide, including the standard deviations of each. Samples can be seen below. Once we know how to get accurate pressure, there is much value to this type of statistical data, especially when sailing in the tropics.

Click the picture above to see a low-resolution sample section of the mean pressure data.


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