USCG Illustrations Workbook Set: Volumes 1-4 (4-Bundle), 2019 Edition


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USCG Illustrations Workbook Set: Vols. 1-4 (4-Bundle), 2019 Edition

This bundle includes:

  • USCG Illustrations Workbook, Volume 1 (Motor Plants) 2019 Edition: includes discussion and solutions for all 130 Motor illustrations.
  • USCG Illustrations Workbook, Volume 2 (General Subjects & Refrigeration) 2019 Edition: includes discussion and solutions for 180 General illustrations and 69 Refrigeration illustrations.
  • USCG Illustrations Workbook, Volume 3 (Gas Turbines, Safety & Steam Plants) 2019 Edition: includes discussion and solutions for 31 Gas Turbine, 48 Safety, and 49 Steam Plants illustrations.
  • USCG Illustrations Workbook, Vol. 4 (Electrical) 2019 Edition: includes discussion and solutions for 261 Electrical Illustrations plus all math solutions and CFR references for the electrical questions.

***There is also a 3-Bundle (AG-IW-3B)

The ILLUSTRATION Study Guides reviews all 769 Engineering Illustrations in the FOUR volume set. The Illustrations Workbooks discuss each of the illustrations and correlates each with every USCG question relating to that illustration. In addition, any mathematics related to the illustration is solved with step by step instructions.

The four volume set contains every illustration published by the USCG through March 2019: each of the 833 illustrations, including 195 Motors (INCLUDING THE 64 NEW "MP" Motor Illustrations!), 261 Electrical, 48 Safety, 180 Generals, 69 Refrigeration, 31 Gas Turbine, 49 Steam Engine & Steam Generator Illustrations.


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