Juan de Fuca Strait to/à Strait of Georgia, 2nd Edition 2003


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2nd Ed., 2003

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Juan de Fuca Strait to/à Strait of Georgia, 2nd Edition 2003

Canadian Hydrographic Service Publication. Indispensable guide to tidal currents for the Strait of Juan de Fuca, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, & Strait of Georgia

This Current Atlas covers the waters between Socks and Campbell River, including the Gulf and San Juan Islands. The Atlas, used in conjunction with Canadian Hydrographic Service Tide and Current Tables, Volume 5, contains diagrams illustrating where to expect strong tidal streams or large eddies, as well as surface currents caused by the discharge of the Fraser River, Mariners will find this Current Atlas most helpful when planning a cruise or race.

The 2003 edition, like the four reprints before it, uses the same tidal stream charts as the original 1983 edition. Some changes have been made to the text and figures, however the computations remain the same. Other products such as Murray's Tables and Washburne's Tables can be used with this or with any of the previous editions.

With due regard for the hard work and dedication of the many individuals involved in collecting and analyzing the data, developing the numerical model verifying the model results, and producing this Current Atlas, the acknowledgements remain unchanged from the original 1983 printing.

Page / pages
Introduction 1 Introduction
Using thr Atlas  2 Consultation de I'Atlas
How to Use Part A 4 Comment utiliser la Partie A
How to Use Part B 6 Comment utiliser la Partie B
Development of the Atlas 8 Préparation de I'Atlas
Part A - Tidal stream charts for typical ranges of tide 14 Partie A - Cartes de courants de marée pour les amplitudes types de marée
Part B - Tidal stream charts for typical 25 hours periods 100 Partie B - Configurations de courants de marée sur des périodes types de 25 heures
How to Use Part C 202 Comment utiliser la Partie C
Part C ─ Fraser River Surface Flow 203 Partie C - Courants de surface du fleuve Fraser



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