Tug Use in Port, 3rd Edition 2018 (A Practical Guide)


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Tug Use in Port, 3rd Edition 2018 (A Practical Guide)

First published in 1997, with a second edition in 2002, Tug Use in Port has been known for two decades as the "tug bible" - the essential practical guide to port towage and escort operations. Since the publication of the second edition - which was recommended as a standard text by the IMO - developments in tug design and operation have continued to improve tug capabilities, as well as effective and safe tug use.

Significant development in port towage have taken place since 2002 - new tug types have come on to the market with new and specific manoeuvring capabilities; an increasing number of environmentally friendly tugs can be found, with traditional fuels being replaced by LNG, CNG and batteries; escorting and escort tugs have been developed further also with regard to the conditions that these tugs have to cope with; an increasing number of LNG carriers and bulk carriers are being escorted, in addition to tankers; remote controlled and autonomous ships are no longer simply the stuff of science fiction, and will have an effect on tug operations.

Sadly, there have also been several accidents, often with dramatic consequences. But on the positive side, training possibilities have further developed, with improved training tools and ever more realistic and sophisticated simulators.

At the centre of all these developments and changes are the people - tug masters and crews, pilots and ships' captains - who need to be able to handle the newly designed tugs and their equipment in a safe and efficient way. This book in designed to help them achieve that.


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