NP303(1) / AP3270(1) Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Volume 1 Selected Stars Epoch 2020


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NP303(1)/AP3270(1) Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Volume 1 - Selected Stars - Epoch 2020.

This volume contains the altitude to 1' and true azimuth to 1° for the seven stars most suitable for finding your position at sea with a sextant, for the complete range of latitudes and hour angles of Aries. This edition is valid for the period 2011-2019. This publication is aimed at the navigator using celestial navigation and provides the optimum selection of stars for a three-star fix.

Star Charts ifc
57 Navigational Stars ii
Contents v
Acknowledgements vi
Foreword vii
1. Introduction ix
2. The Altitude & Azimuth Tables for Selected Stars ix
3. Auxiliary Tables, Star Charts and Plots x
3.1 Star Charts x
3.2 The Navigational Stars x
3.3 Greenwich for Hour Angle of Aries x
3.4 Correction for Preccession and Nutation xi
3.5 Altitude Correction due to the Observer's Position xi
3.5.1 Dip of the Horizon xi
3.5.2 Refraction xii
3.6 Altitude Correction due to Changes in Position xii
3.6.1 Change in the Position of the Observer xii
3.6.2 Change in the Position of the Body xiii
3.7 Polaris Tables xiii
3.8 Rapid Sight Reduction Form xiii
4. Nomenclature and Terminology xiv
4.1 Time Scales, UT, UTI and UTC xv
5. Use of these Tables xvi
5.1.1 Planning Sextant Observations xvi
5.1.2 Example of Planning Observations xvi
5.2 Finding Position from Sextant Observations xvii
5.2.1 Sight Reduction Method xviii
5.2.2 Reduction of a Single Observations xix
5.2.3 A 3-Star Fix xx
5.2.4 A 3-Star Fix with Movement of the Observer xxii
5.2.5 Special Techniques for Rapid Reduction xxiv
5.3 Method of Finding Latitude from Polaris xxvi
1 Altitude Correction for Change in Position of Observer 321
2 Altitude Correction for Change in Position Body 322
3 Conversation of Arc to Time 323
4 Greenwich Hour Angle of Aries for 2011-2019 324
5 Correction for Precession and Nutation 2011-2019 326
6.7 Correction Q for Palaris, Azimuth of Palaris 329
Altitude Correction Table: (a) Dip of the Horizon
  (b) Refraction for Star
  (c) Refraction for Non-standard COnditions
  AP3270 / NP303 Volume 1 ─ Rapid Sight Reduction Form ─ Example 332
  AP3270 / NP303 Volume 1 ─ Rapid Sight Reduction Form 333
  Related Publications 334
  World Map of Time Zones ibc


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