Sealite 10 Degree LED Port Entry Light (PEL)


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Sealite 10 Degree LED Port Entry Light (PEL)

The Sealite SL-PEL-10 is a 10 degree LED Sectored Port Entry Light which provides an overall 10 degree beam width and over 120,000cd at 30 watts.


  • Stationary intensity of up to 120,000cd (white) with a night-time visible range of up to 20NM
  • 3.5NM visible day-time range
  • High precision light sectoring - measured changeover between colour sectors of typically one minute of arc
  • Low power consumption - uses 30 watts to achieve intensities that previously required
  • 250Watts, making solar power feasible
  • LEDs can be configured for automatic night dimming, eliminating the need for moving filters
  • LEDs can be individually flashed to reduce the need to employ moving oscillating boundaries
  • Ultra-compact design, removing the need for split-assemblies & realignment on difficult access sites
  • Operates on 12-24VDC battery supply - no need for large cables
  • Extremely robust & of high quality construction
  • Convenient PC Programming via USB
  • Multiple configurations & maintenance-free


  • Type 1 or Type 3 AIS – class leading & low-powered
  • GSM remote monitoring & control capabilities
  • GPS enables reliable flash synchronisation with multiple units & other AtoNs
  • Hard-wired or GPS synchronisation to omnidirectional Sealite lanterns


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