IMO IA820E Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships (SPS), 2008 Edition


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ISBN: 9789280114959

*** 6 Apr 2023, Out of Print, available in the e-Reader (digital) format only (IMER-820)

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IMO IA820E Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships (SPS), 2008 Edition

The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-fourth session (7 to 16 May 2008), adopted, by resolution MSC.266(84), the Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships, 2008 (2008 SPS Code), which had been developed following a thorough revision of the SPS Code adopted in 1983 by resolution A.534(13). In adopting the 2008 SPS Code, the Committee recalled that, since the adoption of the previous SPS Code, many requirements of the SOLAS Convention had been amended and considerable experience had been gained in the Code's application, all of which were taken into account during the development of the new Code. Particular attention was paid to the matter of trainees on training ships which lead to a comprehensive revision of the term "special personnel". The 2008 SPS Code supersedes the SPS Code adopted by resolution A.534(13) for special purpose ships certified on or after 13 May 2008. For special purpose ships certified before that date, the previous SPS Code see as resolution A.534(13)still applies. Please download and print the supplement for this title at


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